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More toys!

After posting the news of the latest series of Toynami figures I was reminded of another line of great Futurama figures which I keep meaning to mention on the site. I will get round to doing a review very soon but up until then you should really check these bad boys out. Standing about half the size of the Toynami ones and with their own Kidrobot style they're a great addition to a Futurama fan's collection.
Unfortunately due the 'random choice' boxes where you don't know what you'll get inside, it's very hard to get them all.
A great place to go is eBay where the very rare Robot Devil is currently up for auction.
In the USA you can get them anywhere from the Kidrobot site to Urban Outfitters to Amazon.
However in the UK I've found a great site called dinky box where you can get them AND know who you're getting instead of a random choice.
Happy collecting!
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