Can't Get Enough Futurama

The Countdown Begins!

OK people, here it is!

Thursday June 24th 2010 at 10pm!

That's when your favourite group of 31st century misfits is hitting the airwaves of Comedy Central with all NEW episodes!!

Of course we'll be building up to it more nearer the time but for now you can look forward to spending every Thursday for 12 weeks from that date tuned into Comedy Central.

Also, there are rumours that night might kick off with a DOUBLE BILL!

I think it shows how committed Comedy Central are to the show by the timeslot they've given it(Thursdays is a regular premiere night for new shows such as Important Things and friend of Futurama, Sarah Silverman).

Show your excitement and thanks to Comedy Central in the comments.

Also, on another note, David Bernath, who was instrumental in bringing Futurama back was today promoted to Executive VP at Comedy Central. Congrats from CGEF Dave!
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