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War Really is the H Word! UPDATED!!!

Hypnotoad that is!
This piece of news is worth progressing past Twitter status to front page CGEF fame!
It seems troops over seas(it's not clear where) have created a mural to worship the mighty Hypnotoad!
Big props to the guys for creating this!
Of course CGEF wishes all troops a safe return home as soon as possible.

As for new Futurama, VP Al Gore was in the studio lending his vocals to the holiday episode yesterday while today saw the first screening of a full colour season 6 episode! Reactions ranged from 'great!' to 'AMAAAAZING'!

Finally it's been announced that the next Toynami series(9) will be Wooden Bender and URL with the first parts of Morbo as 'Build a Figure'(Info courtesy of our friends at

It was also confirmed via twitter that the new episodes will be Widescreen and HD!!
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