Can't Get Enough Futurama

"I'm his pencil sharpener"

Quick update guys and gals!

Comic Con was huge this weekend with the Futurama panel being a big success. Much was talked about and shown including a 3 minute preview of the next 6 episodes!

  • Futurama was also presented with the Guiness World Record for 'Most critically acclaimed current animated series' Congrats!!

  • If you have a US iTunes account you can download the season premiere 'Rebirth' in awesome HD for FREE! Up until August 1st. Make sure you use THIS link!

  • I'm sure most of you welled up at the end of this week's episode but a lot of you have been wondering what the song at the end was. It was 'Little Bird, Little Bird' by Elizabeth Mitchell.

  • Unfortunately the episode was down significantly on last week(1.92m) so make sure you spread the word for this week's episode!

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