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How many Benders is too many?

Greetings again, how about some exclusive Futurama premiere info?

Ok then! June 23rd's 10pm premiere will, like last year, be supersized! That's right, 2 new episodes of nerdy goodness! Yummy!

Due to the fact that all this season's episodes are 'in the can' Comedy Central may mix up the order. Which is what they've done for the first 2 to air though they will not be messing up any continuity ones so chill there continuity police!

Here's comes the info!
10pm ET: Neutopia(Actually production episode 20 of the 26 produced for last year and this):
We encounter an alien that does not understand the concept of 'gender' and so when it meets the crew it goes about conducting experiments such as altering their own genders.
10:30pm ET: Benderama(actually episode 17 of the 26):
Written by Aaron Ehasz(Crimes of the Hot, Future Stock), this episode sees Bender gain the power to infinitely self-replicate, producing ever greater quantities of smaller and smaller Benders. The awesome Patton Oswalt guest-stars as a horrific creature who is sensitive about his appearance (in the script, he just goes by the name 'Unattractive Giant Monster').

Not long now folks!
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