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Emerald City Comic Con 2012

Always wanted to get your Futurama tattoo autographed? This year's Emerald City Comic Con in will be graced by three of Futurama's voice talents. Meet Billy West (Fry, Farnsworth, etc.), John DiMaggio (Bender), and Maurice LaMarche (Morbo, Kif, etc.). The event will be held March 30th to April 1st at the Washington State Event Center in Seattle.

Here is the preliminary schedule for the voice actors:

4pm - 5:30pm Signing (all 7)
6:30pm - 8pm Panel: Movie Mash Up (all 7)

12pm - 2pm Signing (all 7)
2pm - 3pm Panel: Celebrating 20 Years of Batman:
The Animated Series (Kevin & Tara)
3pm - 4pm Panel: Futurama: The Future Sounds Good
(Billy & John) (Moe Optional)

4pm - 5pm Panel: Pinky & The Brain/Animaniacs
5pm - 6pm Signing (all 7)
6pm - 7:30pm Panel: Star Wars: The Radio Play (all 7)

11:30am - 1pm Signing (all 7)
1pm - 2pm Panel: Giving Voice to Video Games
2pm - 3pm Panel: The Many Voices Inside My Head
3pm - 4pm Signing (all 7)

I'll be going Saturday!
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