Can't Get Enough Futurama

TV Party Tonight!

Well that time has finally come folks! Time for the season premiere of Futurama!
Remember it's a double episode tonight, 'Bots and the Bees' followed by 'Farewell to Arms'.
Make sure you tune into Comedy Central at 10pm/9c!
If you miss them then they will be available on iTunes tomorrow or you can catch one of the many repeats during the week.
So how can you get your self ready for tonight?

1. How about checking out our new podcast if you haven't already?
2. Also check out the great podcast featuring Matt Groening, David X Cohen and various cast and crew!
3. Why not warm up with repeats of 'The Late Philip J Fry' and 'A Ghost in the Machines' directly before tonight's premiere on Comedy Central?!
4. Also, I've designed 4 desktop and phone wallpapers which you can download as a set here. Hope you like them, let me know what you think.

And finally, after the premiere, come back to CGEF to rate and comment on the 2 episodes and chat about them in the PEEL forum!

Phew, you ready?! It's gonna be fun on a bun!
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