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I'm Gonna Wreck It!

This Friday in the USA, Disney are releasing it's latest film, Wreck It Ralph. More importantly this is the debut feature from Futurama director Rich Moore.
Rich is a partner at Futurama's animation studios Rough Draft and directed several great episodes including the pilot, Hell is Other Robots, Anthology of Interest I as well as winning the Emmy for 'Roswell That Ends Well'. He also directed many great episodes of The Simpsons including some of my favourites 'Marge vs The Monorail' and 'Flaming Moe's'.

Rich has been working on Wreck It Ralph for many years and just like Futurama it seems like Rich has packed each frame with lots of references. I for one am very keen to see it. Sarah Silverman is one of the stars who of course voiced Fry's girlfriend Michelle. It also features the voice of Bender, John DiMaggio in a smaller role.

I hope you'll all go and check it out this weekend. For international release dates click here.

Check out a trailer here.

Wreck It Ralph smashed the opening weekend! Breaking the record for biggest Disney opening ever and opening at number 1!! Congrats Rich!
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