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Futurama on Mastermind!

If you're in the UK you'll be aware of the legendary quiz show 'Mastermind' where contestants are quizzed on fiendishly difficult questions. First they answer as many questions as they can on a subject of their choosing for 2 minutes. Then they answer general knowledge questions for a further 2 and a half minutes.

This Saturday's edition featured contestant Mark Kirby whose chosen subject was Futurama! Mark contacted us to let us know and hopefully those who saw our tweet on saturday will have tuned in.
Luckily if you missed it you can catch it again on the BBC iPlayer!

I won't reveal how Mark did but he did say to me that he used our site to help revise! Glad we could help Mark!

I'm not sure the link will work outside of the UK but if it does do please let us know.

Thanks and way to go Mark!!
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