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'Odelay' is a word!

Hey everyone.
CGEF is really pleased to be teaming with Hip Hop artist Adam Warrock to announce the release of his new EP 'Planet Express'. Adam's gained attention before for previous releases from people like The AV Club, TIME, BBC America, Boing Boing, director Edgar Wright and actor Nathan Fillion.
It's a fantastic 6 track original release and best of all it's totally free!
Here's the press release:
Adam WarRock Releases a Free Futurama-Themed EP!

Good news everybody! Adam WarRock, known for such releases like The Browncoats Mixtape and the Parks & Rec EP, has taken his pop-culture themed brand of hip hop and aimed it at Matt Groening's classic animated series, Futurama. His new Planet Express EP is available for free, and it includes songs like "Do the Bender," "Brannigan's Law," and a remix of the famous theme song, it's now available for free download at Featuring all original production by Rob Viktum, it's a futuristic funky release that all fans, robots, and aliens shouldn't miss! 

Download for free at
They are also all available on YouTube if you want a taster.

1. The Future (Of Delivery):
2. Brannigan's Law:
3. A Song by Holophoner:
4. Roswell That Ends Well:
5. Do the Bender:
6. Futurama Theme (Remix):

Everybody do the Bender!
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