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To Shreds You Say!

So. Futurama's been cancelled. What can we do? There's a lot of people asking us what's next, is it really the end and who do they need to direct their shouting at.

I decided writing a piece on it would be helpful for those wanting to know. I hope it helps.
Do let us know your thoughts!
Ever since the news broke of Futurama's 3rd cancellation there's been lots of questions. Why does this keep happening to the show? Where else could the show be broadcast? Is it maybe time to call it quits, go out on a high? And how quickly can I produce the appropriate "Not sure if…" Fry meme…?

I think firstly though, it's most important to note that Futurama has gone on far longer than it had any right to. By that I don't mean it shouldn't have but in comparison to many other cancelled shows - Firefly, Freaks & Geeks & Wonderfalls which each lasted about half a season for example - it's had an incredibly long, though very unstable, run. 124 episodes. 4 movies. Nearly 50 hours worth of Zoidberg crying, Fry messing up, Farnsworth's good news, Zapp's sleazy lines and people biting Bender's ass.

Not bad right?!

So if this is the end, we've done damn well out of it and we'll have plenty to re-watch for years to come.

So does this mean I want it to end? No. Of course not. As long as David, Matt and everyone involved want to make more you can believe I'll be there lapping up every minute.
I started watching this show when I was 16 and it became a favourite of mine around about the point the aliens kept destroying all the buildings as Fry was frozen. Over the years I've watched the ups and downs, created websites, podcasts and generally got into it in a big way. I've also had the pleasure of meeting several of the folks from the show and speaking to others who it turns out are all some of the most appreciative, friendly and generous people you could hope to meet.
So I would be saddened if this was the end. But also grateful it's lasted this long.

So what are the options?
One thing that I know the David X Cohen wants to ensure is the same quality of writing and animation that's always been there. That will be the most important thing. So as much as we'd like to see a puppet version in the park, it's not going to go that cheap.
It's extremely unlikely Comedy Central will change their minds. Though while we're talking about them it should be mentioned that while they've called an end now it was very bold of them to bring the show back for 4 years. Not many networks would have and they should be applauded.
So that means another home.
Unfortunately I don't think there's many TV networks that would take a risk on the show. The only one that springs to mind is FXX, FX's spin off channel for younger adults that will house 'Always Sunny…' and 'The League' amongst others. Futurama would fit well on that network.
But the most likely options would seem to be online streaming. Netflix, Amazon and the like are increasingly focusing on new, original content. Netflix of course will show new episodes of Arrested Development, a show that is one of the funniest in TV history yet had some quite terrible ratings. Netflix, it could be argued, are taking a gamble on that. So why not Bender & co.?
There's also talk, in the wake of the record breaking Veronica Mars Movie, of going down the kickstarter route. This is very complicated though. Veronica Mars is filmed live action and doesn't require a lot of post production. Futurama, of course, is quite different. And probably is a lot more complicated legally. But it could still happen.

So the best thing to do? Kick up a fuss. Let the world know you want more(if you do). Get everyone you know to watch. Buy the DVDs. The more fuss people make the more people from other networks/streaming sites will sit up and take notice.
There's also been a petition started. Sign that. There's a hashtag that Maurice LaMarche, amongst others, has been using: #SaveFuturamaAGAIN. Tweet that.
Futurama is one of the most liked TV pages on Facebook with around 26 million fans. The audience is out there. We just need to let other people know that.

Then if after all that, it doesn't happen, be thankful. I know I am. What other show can say it solved a plot with a large mathematical problem? Or made you cry over an animated dog? Or featured a character riding a sperm? Or featured a singing, dancing Robot Devil? Not many! The show has produced some of the finest animation on television(take a look at the Fleischer-Fry running on the moon and tell me I'm wrong!), some of the funniest and most intelligent half hours on television and featured arguably the best voice cast ever assembled. It's been great.

Thanks for reading. Meatbags.

This originally appeared on my blog.
One thing David X Cohen has said to me is how proud he is of these last episodes. Even he doesn't know what the future holds but he was very keen for everyone to watch and enjoy these last 13 as everyone's very excited about them.
I'm very excited for them too and come June 19th you should all tune in, enjoy them, rewatch them, make a noise about how much you like them, sign the petition and then maybe, maybe, we'll see the Planet Express crew again after September.
Let people know how you feel.
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