Author:Jon (jon@gotfuturama.com)
Subject:Le Futurama Art
just recently is a new piece of Futurama Giclee* art. It depicts Fry
running for
President of the United States of America against Nixon's head and a
donkey. Bender
is in the crowd with a sign that reads "Fry: If you can't beat him,
eat him!"
- such a lovable little rascal. Only 200 of these pieces were made, so
very limited. The print can be bought at Wonderful
World of Animation (http://www.animationartgallery.com/FUTGD.html) for
125$ unframed.

*Giclee definition from WWOA's website
(http://www.animationartgallery.com/): Giclees (j'clays) are the latest
in reproduction animation
art. According to Linda Jones Enterprises (distributer of Chuck Jones'
the giclee is "a french word which means 'spray of ink'. Because
no screens
are used, the prints have a higher apparent resolution than
lithographs... more
than four million droplets per second... the prints are lush and
velvety with
the feel and luminosity of a watercolour."

If you're interested in other Futurama art pieces, check out
AdultSwim.com (http://www.adultswim.com/shop/category/clt.01.html).
They have numerous Futurama art items including 8 different Giclee's,
23 production
drawings, and two limited edition photos (don't ask, you'll have to see
yourself) - which range from 150$ to 500$.

Anyone want to get me the debate giclee for x-mas? : )