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Futurama Episode Capsule

[3ACV22] 30 % Iron Chef

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General Episode Data
Title: 30 % Iron Chef
First aired: 04/14/02
Production Code: 3ACV22
Written by Jeff Westbrook
Directed by Ron Hughart

Bender attempts to become a chef, and is quickly rejected by the Planet Express crew. He then turns to the chef that inspired him, Elzar who also rejects him. Bender soon makes friends with some space hobos and, coincidently, one of them is Helmut Spargel, formerly the world's greatest chef. Helmut takes Bender under his wing and trains him to be a master chef by giving him a secret weapon -- a crystal vile containing "the pure essence of flavor". A now confident Bender challenges Elzar to a competition in the televised kitchen coliseum known as the "Iron Cook" show.

Voice Credits
  • Billy West (Fry, Prof. Farnsworth)
  • Katey Sagal (Leela)
  • John DiMaggio (Bender)
  • Tress MacNeille
Guest Starring
  • David Herman
  • Phil LaMarr
  • Lauren Tom (Amy)
  • Frank Welker
Also Starring
  • Maurice LaMarche (Morbo)

Did You Notice...
  • Zoidberg's first name is 'John'? {K}
  • Bender has 8 senses, one is smission? {MW}
  • Bender has a pen in his finger? {MW}
  • Bender has beer in his drawer and a floozie (no bare circuits) at the inside of the door? {MW}
  • It's 5 minutes to midnight in the 'Accusing Parlor' {MW}
  • Leela appropriately gets eyes for food? {MW}
  • Morbo is married? {MW}
  • cam surveillance in Elzar's? {MW}
  • the woman, sitting at the table Elzar is attending when Bender comes in, is the cat lady (Hattie; owns one share of Planet Express)? Her cat is swept off the table by Bender. {LL}
  • soylent green is "my kind of people", according to the Harlem Globetrotter chief and that the body of Martha Stuart has also been food-economically recycled? {LL}
  • the "dark side of cooking", by which Elzar was seduced, includes selantro, mango suffle and rasberry vinegrette? {LL}
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External references
  • Good Morning America (TV show)
    • Morbo and Linda moderate "Good morning Earth" {MW}
  • Inspector Gadget (80s cartoon)
    • Bender has a pen in his finger, just like Inspector Gadget does {MJ}
  • Iron Chef (Japanese TV show)
    • Cooking competition and host are identical to this Japanese combat cooking show. {AH}
    • Title {AH}
  • Karate Kid (movie)
    • Bender's learning phase resembles the one of that movie and the soundtrack (You're the best) is played, too {MW}
  • Leisure Suite Larry 7: Love for Sail (computer game)
    • Bender winning because the judges get high from LSD is similar to Larry winning the ship's cooking contest by adding Orgasm Powder to a quiche that makes the judges trip. {MJ}
  • Mr. Roboto (Song by Styx)
    • Chorus of the song is said by the announcer of Iron Chef {AH*}
  • Space:1999 (Sci-fi serie)
    • Bumbase Alpha, a play on Moonbase Alpha. {MN}
  • Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
    • Wrath of Con-rail. {MN}
  • Star Trek: Voyager 6x04: Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy
    • The fish in elzar's dish sing's La Donna E Mobile - as does the doc in the opening (its shown on the preview aswell) {R}
  • Star Wars (movie)
    • The dark side of cooking, like the dark side of the force {LL}
    • Bender using a light saber to hit a floating potato while blindfolded {MW}
    • Spargel talks (and looks some) like Yoda {MW}
  • Starlight Express
    • Train car is named after big-budget Andrew Lloyd Webber musical {AH}
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Futurama references
  • 1ACV02 - The Series Has Landed
    • The fat guy from the moon brings in the Venice replica in this episode {MW}
  • 1ACV03 - I, Roommate
    • The old lady (Hattie) is sitting at Elzar's {MW}
    • Bender has a button to clear his memory. {MN}
  • 1ACV07 - My Three Suns
    • Bender's love of cooking is first acknoledged {J}
  • 1ACV13 - Fry & the Slurm Factory
    • Soylent food (cola) is mentioned in Futurama for the first time. {a}
  • 2ACV13 - Bender Gets Made
    • Bender is a big fan of Elzar, but Elzar isn't too fond of Bender. {MN}
  • 2ACV16 - Anthology of Interest 1
    • Zoidberg brings everyone to the "accusing parlor" to investigate a crime {J}
  • 2ACV17 - War Is The H-Word
    • The use of a lightsaber while blindfolded {AH*}
    • Fry sings "I'm Walking on Sunshine" while showering {J}
  • 3ACV14 - Time keeps on slippin'
    • Bubblegum Tate is one of the judges {J}
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Freeze Frame Fun
Alien Language 1:
 * Used Human Probes
 Alien Language 2:
 * Iron Cook
On the Professor's desk: 
 * Strong Force Krazy Glue
 * Zoidberg: Don't touch!
Bender's pre printed notes:
 * A Note from Bender
 * A Ransom Note from Bender
 * A Plea for Attention from Bender
   [ ] I am committing suicide
   [ ] I am getting a tattoo
   [x] I am running away
   [x] And this time I mean it
Fry's shirt:
 I hate bottles
The train waggons:
 * Baltimore & Orion
 * Starlight Express
 * Wrath-of-Conrail
Guy in soda can:
 Jammin' Orange Blast
Hover Potatoes -5 LBS.
Confession note:
 From the Desk of
 John Zoidberg, M.D.
    Home of the
 Kitchen University
Signs in the audience:
 * Go carrots
 * Daikon Radish #1
 * Fish Sauce

Animation, continuity, and other goofs...
  • Bender's memory deleting button which he used in "I, Roommate" has moved to his butt's side now? {MW}
  • We already know Bender is 40% zink (I Second That Emotion) and 40% titanium (A Head In The Polls). Now they tell us he's 30% iron, somebody need to brush up on their math skills (or keep an eye out for continuity). {MN}
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Comments and other Observations...
  • The name "Spargel" is German for asparagus. Being regarded as noble plant it sort of is appropriate for a chef. FOX got the name wrong in their press release. Helmut also has German first name and accent. {MW}
  • Move over Leela. Bender sounds like he's becoming the mothering type of the group: "C'mon eat. I slaved all day over a filthy stove" {h}
  • Spargel is a goof on the chef of Spago's in Hollywood, Wolfgang Puck, who is from austria. {e}
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{AH} Alan Hamilton
{AH*} Andrea Huckstep
{J} Joe25
{K} Ken
{LL} Lena Linck
{MJ} Matty Jorissen
{MN} Michael Nissen
{MW} Marc Wichterich
{R} Riv
{a} aslate
{e} ebola
{h} haleys_comet

Original Capsule Author: Can't get enough Futurama <>


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