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Futurama Episode Capsule

[4ACV03] Love & Rocket

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General Episode Data
Title: Love & Rocket
First aired: 02/10/02
Production Code: 4ACV03
Written by Dan Vebber
Directed by Brian Sheesley
Opening theme promotion: WHEN YOU SEE THE ROBOT, DRINK!

Love is in the air when Bender finds himself involved in a shipboard romance....with the ship. When the Professor upgrades the Planet Express spaceship's software with a sexy female voice (guest star Sigourney Weaver), Bender falls hopelessly in love. But when the ship discovers that Bender is unfaithful, she charts a course for self-destruction, and it's up to Fry and Leela to save the day.

Voice Credits
  • Billy West (Fry, Dr. Zoidberg, Prof. Farnsworth)
  • Katey Sagal (Leela)
  • John DiMaggio (Bender)
  • Tress MacNeille
Guest Starring
  • Sigourney Weaver (the ship)
  • Lucy Liu (herself)
Also Starring
  • Maurice LaMarche (Kif)
  • Lauren Tom (Amy)
  • Phil LaMarr (Hermes)

Did You Notice...
  • The extreme elk exhibit being sponsered by Mountain Dew? {JK}
  • The Planet Express ship was colored grey when it passed in front of the Horsehead Nebula? {TG}
  • Garbage was being used to produce the heart shaped boxes? {TG}
  • The Conversation Hearts candy pieces were made of Bone Meal and Earwig Honey? {TG}
  • The wireframe dummies in the Romanticorp Romance Acceleration Lab were modeled after those used by psychologist Harry Harlow in his experiments on surrogate mothers for rhesus monkeys? {TG}
  • The lady rowing the boat was accompanied by the wire frame dummy she fell for in Romanticorp's Romance Acceleration Lab? {TG}
  • The most remantic city on earth was Milwaukee(!)? {DH}
  • Lovely bears go through the Bear "Hospital" {MG}
  • Bender's head must have an emergency release, or something. When the ship closes the doors his head props right of, yet he screws his head on in the next scene. {MN}
  • The PE ship is able to hover even though it doesn't have any way of exerting a downward force. {MN}
  • Fry implies that he only pretends to shower every day. {MG}
  • The PE ship has to pay taxes, and it doesn't like its tax money spent on offensive artwork. {MG}
  • When Bender gets to the dead end in the circuit board chase, a diode is soldered in the circuit diagram, and the symbol means current cant flow the direction Bender is heading, and thus Bender cant get through {E}
  • Benders clothing is diffrent in diffrent scenes. In the factory (at least at one point) he wears a compleate jacket, but at most times he only have those flashy wing-like things on his shoulders? {MN*}
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External references
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
    • Brain Room a la the microchip room {JK}
    • Inability of Planet Express ship to read the lips of crew hiding in shower stall. {JK}
    • Red light interface for the ship and irrational, rebelious misbehavior in the same vein as HAL-9000. {JK}
    • "Daisy" song sung by Bender. (see comments) {SA}
    • "I'm sorry Leela, I'm afraid I can't do that." {TG}
    • Planet Express Ship wanted to see the tapirs, featured in dawn of man scene {k}
  • Friends (TV Series)
    • TV show Lurr is watching when Planet Express delivery arrives from Romanticorp. {JK}
  • Love and Rocket (Comic book)
    • The episode title {JD}
  • Particle Acceleration Laboratory
    • Romance Acceleration Laboratory {R}
  • Shields & Yarnell (Comedy Duo)
    • "Shields on full Yarnell" (see comments) {PD}
  • The Care Bears (TV Series)
    • The bears look quite some like the ones in the sickening cute TV series. {LM}
  • The Matrix
    • Scrolling matrices of green numbers on screen while Bender loaded his programming into the ship.
  • Tron (movie)
    • "Inside the computer" visualization when Bender and the Planet Express Ship merged their programing. {TG}
  • Two Princes
    • the line "this one, he wants to buy you rockets" is in the song "two princes. " The episode is titled "love and rockets." {A}
    • Song playing on the Planet Express ship radio {JK}
  • Venus De Milo
    • The Venus DeVenus Bender shows to the Planet Express ship {w}
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Futurama references
  • 1ACV12 - When Aliens Attack
    • Fry's helmet from the battle sequence is seen in his cabin. {MN}
  • 2ACV05 - Why Must I Be A Crustacean in Love?
    • Sean is mentioned as a guy Leela dated. {MN}
  • 2ACV08 - Raging Bender
    • Bender again has his arms around the 2 fembot floozies from the episode Raging Bender {h}
  • 2ACV10 - A Clone of My Own
    • Bender rolls up his metal sleeves. {MN}
  • 2ACV12 - The Deep South
    • There is an open, empty suitcase in Fry and Benders cabin, just like the one Fry used for oxygen, even though that one vanished in 2ACV12. {MN}
  • 3ACV02 - Parasites Lost
    • The ship has a fueltank for alcohol. Must be for an auxiliary engine, since dark matter power the main engines. {MN}
  • 3ACV06 - Bendless Love
    • Bender slaping Fry once across the face {h}
  • 3ACV15 - I Dated A Robot
    • Lucy Liu in Bender's tummy {MW}
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Freeze Frame Fun
Welcome to Romantic Milwaukee Birthplace of Beer Goggles
 A Division of General Emotions
sign on Lovey Bear stuffing machine:
 Bear "Hospital"
Central Park Zoo
 Now With More Goats.
Other zoo signs:
 Mountain Dew Presents
 Extreme Elk
Howler Mummies
On screen caption while ship is approaching Omicron Persei 8 planet:
 Omicron Persei 8: 247 Days Without Invading Earth

Animation, continuity, and other goofs...
  • When Bender is sitting on outside on the ship's wing on a picnic sheet (right word in that context) it is moving as if there was air in space {M}
  • When the ship has dropped the oxygen and gravity level to zero Bender 'swims' out of the room. Since there's no air and no gravity there's nothing that could give him a trajectory cause he does not use the walls as the other two do. {M}
  • The Planet Express ship is hit by five of the Omicron Persei 8's torpedoes, but has more than five damage spots.
  • The windshield, which in "Roswell That Ends Well" was no match for a flying bending unit, can now withstand a highspeed, head-on collision with an asteroid. {MN}
  • The lion cage and dark matter reactor on the PE ship's bridge vanish later in the episode. {MG}
  • Leela is usually portrayed as a great animal-lover, yet she doesn't react to the fate of the Lovey Bears at all. Even when Farnsworth shocks one with the cattleprod, she doesn't do anything besides smile. {MN}
  • During the scene where Leela is eating ice cream with the ship, the lights are off and there is a candle then suddenly, almost magically the lights are on and the candle is nowhere to be found yet Leela never left her seat. {V}
  • It is still possible that the ship did not remove the atmosphere but only the oxygen (I know this sounds silly but in the year 3002, why not?) I guess they never talk about the pressure, just oxygen level. {JS}
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Comments and other Observations...
  • The lovey bears in the beginning, where Amy mentions something about them kissing, is a take-off on the Hallmark kissing bears that have magnets in their mouths, so they stick together. {KL}
  • The "Mountain Dew Presents" exhibit was a reference to the Mt. Dew commercial where a twenty something males endures a horn-ramming territorial dispute with another male Elk to protect his soda. The commercial itself is a spoof on the animal program Wild Kingdom. {TG}
  • The song "Daisy" was programmed into one of the first computers to synthesize voice in the late 1960s. When "2001: A Space Odyssey" came out it was very cutting edge. It was one of the first demonstrations that a computer could make recognizable speech. At the end of "2001" when David Bowman is dismantling HAL's logic circuits, HAL begins to sing "Daisy" in a slow, distored fashion as if the song were leaking out of a deeply neglected speech test from a memory unit. {L}
  • The first scene of the Planet Express ship flying through the Asteroid field very much resembles the intro movie of the action shooter Descent II released in '96 where the material defender is docking on Valhalla Tower. Same camera perspective and almost the same ship movement. {M}
  • When Leela disconnects the ship's Carbonated logic unit, she mentions that she won free admission to Six Flags. Six Flags is a chain of amusement parks in the States, and in the spring and summer months, Coca-Cola runs a promotion where you get $5 off admission if you bring an empty specially marked can with you. I don't know if they ever did a free admission thing though, I don't drink Coke. {K}
  • Shields & Yarnell were a male-female comedy team who showed up quite a lot on the Sullivan show in late 60's-70's. The team did a lot of mime-type work and the female half of Shields and Yarnell did the actual body work for the character of Dot Matrix (the C3PO parody voiced by Joan Rivers) in "Spaceballs". {DD}
  • The Omicronians haven't invaded Earth for 246 days. Had FOX aired the episodes in the correct order that would've corresponded nicely with "The Problems With Popplers." In the production run Popplers is set some time after "Mothers Day" Given a few weeks to clear up the mess after "Mothers Day" and some time to make poppler runs before the Omicronians showed up mid-june for the last Omicronian invasion doesn't seem unreasonable. Go forward 246 days (roughly 8 months) and you land mid-february, around Valentines Day. {MN}
  • Fry is the most shocked of the Planet Express crew that lovey bears are bred and then killed in order to make stuffed toys. {MG}
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{A} AC
{DD} Daniel Dreibelbis
{DH} Douglas Hilliard
{E} ElDragon
{JD} Jym Dyer
{JK} Joe Klemm
{JS} Jan Strojil
{K} Ken
{KL} Ken Lilly
{L} Larry
{LM} Lyle McDonald
{M} Moon
{MG} Mc Grady
{MN} Michael Nissen
{MN*} Magnus Nordlander
{MW} Marc Wichterich
{PD} Patrick Denny
{R} RandomEngy
{SA} Suzanne Archibald
{TG} Tom Georgoulias
{V} Venus
{h} haleys_comet
{k} kwigibo
{w} waterproofpoptart

Original Capsule Author: Tom Georgoulias


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