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Futurama Episode Capsule

[4ACV07] Jurassic Bark

Futurama Capsules are meant as complete guidelines for the episodes. These documents are produced by Futurama fans for Futurama fans. Feel free to contribute if you see missing things in any of the capsules.
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General Episode Data
Title: Jurassic Bark
First aired: 11/17/02
Production Code: 4ACV07
Written by Eric Kaplan
Directed by Swinton Scott
Opening theme cartoon: Warner Brothers, "Hiss and Make Up", 1943. A Merrie Melodie directed by Friz Freleng {DD}

Fry and Bender discover that the exact pizzeria Fry worked at before coming to the 30th century is on display as part of a 20th century exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. Fry is horrified when he sees his dog, Seymour, petrified among the artifacts in the exhibit. Fry reacts with protest and learns that there is a possibility to clone his "best friend" back to life. Bender perceives Seymour as a threat to his friendship with Fry and gets his own Robo-puppy as competition.

Voice Credits
  • Billy West (Fry, Dr. Zoidberg, Prof. Farnsworth)
  • Katey Sagal (Leela)
  • John DiMaggio (Bender)
  • Tress MacNeille
Guest Starring
  • David Herman
  • Lauren Tom (Amy)
  • Frank Welker
  • Tom Kenny
  • Kath Soucie
Also Starring
  • Maurice LaMarche

Did You Notice...
  • Even the martian skull has an overbite? {MW}
  • Fry is using a tape for his dancing even though his player also has a CD tray? {MW}
  • Everyone got the exact same umbrella in the rain scenes? {MW}
  • Nibbler's eye is visible in the waste paper basket as Fry puts down the pizza box? Proof of the "mysterious shadow" theories. {B}
  • There is a new shadow in the scene where the chair gets knocked over? It looks like it's Fry's with his arms, but his shadow could never fall there. It might be a Fry from the future. {MW}
  • Bender can turn off the light in Fry's apartment without using a switch? {MW}
  • Leela would probably fail the "pencil test"? {MW}
  • Leela was hot hot HOT! The skimpy outfit, wrestling with Amy ... and finally ALMOST tearing it all off ... "Pencil Test" be Damned! [But does this make me a "Animaphile" or a "Cyclomaniac"?] {L}
  • Nibbler's or a Nibblonian's eye poking out the trash can when Fry sets the pizza down on the table? This was neither in "Space Pilot 3000" nor the flashback in "Anthology of Interest I." {JS}
  • The pizza box Fry was delivering "Don't tip the delivery boy"? {GW}
  • Leela wanted to jump in the lava and starting to undress? {MN}
  • Yancy working in the Pizzaria after Fry left? {M}
  • Fry literally used a wrench on Clonomat to stop it, paralleling the creators "throwing a wrench" at the story. {C}
  • Fry and Mr. Panucci once again fall for a cheap phone prank. At this rate, they're approaching Moe Szyslak territory. {JF}
  • Dr. Zoidberg doesn't seem to mind being Bender's flunky, yet again, no matter how abusive Bender gets. {JF}
  • The museum nearly got Fry right. They correctly guessed his hair was red and that Mr. Panucci paddled him with the pizza tray. They only missed in that Fry didn't wear a hat, his hair was spiked upward, and he didn't have freckles. {JF}
  • One of the archeologists is named Ben Beeler, after Futurama executive producer Ken Keeler? {MN*}
  • The tree is cut down as a symbol of Seymor's hope for Fry returning? {d}
  • How long the hair in the barber shop must have been there? {d}
  • Fry steals the Proffesor's line "Good news everyone" as he enters the room with his dog. {d}
  • Panucci's is in disrepair (the "U" is missing) and seems to have closed up shop permanently at the end? Seymore may have outlived Mr. Panucci? {JF}
  • How Mr. Panucci aged remarkably fast considering that the final scenes comprise 12 years or less? {C*}
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External references
  • Aibo
    • Bender's robot dog looks exactly like one of these expensive Sony toys. {MW}
  • Charlemagne
    • Died 01.28.814; his bones are currently stored in a shrine in the Aachen Dom; the crown Bender carried doesn't match historical delineations. {A}
    • German king of the Franks who became Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire on the 25th of December 800 in Rome and ruled from Aachen. {MW}
  • Creamy Center
    • Many of the 21st century snacks, most such as a twinkie or a Reese(tm) cup has a creamy center and an hard(er) outer shell. It is also used to describe the process of fast fossilization in the 31st centry. {C}
  • Dolemite (movie)
    • Professor Farnsworth utters the tagline of the movie, "It's Dolomite, baby!" {JF}
    • 70's Blaxploitation movie written by Rudy Ray Moore. {b}
  • Dolomite
    • A mineral found in nature {b}
  • Easter Islands
    • Bender 'fetches' one of the famous heads for Fry, {MW}
  • Frankenstein (Book, movie)
    • Farnsworth once more butts in on God's turf and creates life complete with the lightning and the platform lowering just like in the Frankenstein. {MN*}
  • I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (movie)
    • Title card refers to 1998 horror film sequel (which received universally bad reviews) {JF}
  • I Will Wait For You (song)
    • A song composed by Michel Legrand for the score of "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg". Performed by many artists. This version is sung by Connie Francis. {MW}
  • I'm Walking On Sunshine (song)
    • Fry and Seymore both listen to and sing the famous hit "I'm Walking On Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves. {JF}
  • Jurassic Park
    • The Title and the opening shot is reminiscent of the gate entering Jurassic Park {MN}
  • Koko and Smoky
    • "...and occasionally, a gorilla loves a kitty." refers to this uneven pair. {K}
  • Lassie
    • Lassie's a famous dog in late 20th century cinema. Though a male, it was given a female name. It is often potrayed as very intelligent and courageous. His body is supposedly being preserved and presented in the 31st century at the Louvre. {C}
  • Louvre
    • One of the most famous museums in the world. Located in Paris, France, it houses Mona Lisa as part its main exhibit. {C}
  • New York Knicks
    • Their "coprolites" (fossil excrements) are in the museum {MW}
  • Professional Wrestling
    • Amy and Leela's hand-to-hand combat training looks very much like a professional wrestling match. {MN*}
  • See 'N Say
    • The Clone-O-Mat's dial acts like the 1970's Fisher-Price toy See 'N Say {JF}
  • Star Trek (series)
    • Fry does Mr Spock's "Live long and prosper" with his four fingers {MW}
  • The Hustle (song)
    • The song by Van McCoy to which Fry is dancing in front of the museum. {MW}
  • Waiting Dogs
    • After his master died in 1936 and was taken away on a train, his dog Old Shep (upon which Lassie is based) waited at the train station in Fort Benton, Montana for his return. Shep died 5 years later, still waiting at the train station. {AH}
    • Hachiko from Japan would be another one. {B*}
    • "Greyfriars Bobby" was a Skye Terrier who remained at his master's gravesite in Edinburgh (Scotland) for 14 years following his death in 1872. There is now a statue to the dog in the graveyard. {S}
  • Wisconsin
    • "Cheesehead" is a term for Wisconsinites, especially Green Bay Packer fans. {JF}
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Futurama references
  • 1ACV01 - Space Pilot 3000
    • The scenes from the 1999 past are from the pilot. They however seem to have been either redrawn or at least recolored. {MW}
    • Leela - in the head museum - says to the policemen: "But he is just a boy from the stupid ages." {c}
  • 1ACV03 - I, Roommate
    • Fry gets Bender's closet apartment at the Robot Department. In this episode they are doing their magic tricks in there. {MW}
  • 2ACV07 - Put your head on my shoulder
    • The crew visits the Past-o-rama - a museum showing things from the stupid ages. {MW}
  • 2ACV10 - A Clone of My Own
    • The introduction of the Clonomat(tm) {C}
    • Cubert is introduced as Farnsworth's clone {MW}
  • 2ACV15 - The Problem with Popplers
    • Fry mentions the mushrooms growing in his bathroom for the first time. {MN*}
  • 2ACV17 - War Is The H-Word
    • Fry sings "Walking On Sunshine" when he is happy. {MN*}
  • 3ACV04 - The Luck of the Fryrish
    • Fry's family is introduced. {J}
    • Fry's Mom is watching the Rose Bowl {M}
    • Fry's family home is first seen (in this episode it is in the same condition in the year 2000 as it is in the year 3000) {b}
    • various flashbacks {c}
  • 3ACV07 - The Day the Earth Stood Stupid
    • Bender using Zoidberg to win a prize {JF}
    • Bender Beating Zoidberg {M}
  • 3ACV10 - Where the Buggalo Roam
    • The Martians are introduced {MW}
  • 3ACV18 - Anthology of Interest 2
    • There was a reverse-fossilization machine in the "What If" episode where Bender becomes human. {s}
  • 3ACV22 - 30 % Iron Chef
    • Fry sings "Walking On Sunshine" in the shower {M*}
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Freeze Frame Fun
  Archeologists uncover
 "Slice of Old New York"
      OF THE 
  Loot from the
 recent Pizzeria
 N' Greasy
Passion Exhumed
Medal around skeleton's neck:
Fry's protest sign:
Dances of the Ancient Bronx
In the shelf:
 FLOSS          SNOUTS
Lava pit:
Sign above Fry's photo in a 99c store:
 Do not take checks from this man
          Because someone
             created an
        unsanitary condition,
            the windmill
          green is closed
        until further notice
  You can solve
 all your problems
 by freezing them!

Animation, continuity, and other goofs...
  • The chain for Fry's bike magically vanishs. In the Pilot episode he was wearing it around his neck. {MW}
  • Fry's can is still closed while he is in the Cryo tube? He opened it before he got in there. {MW}
  • Bender is 40% Dolomite? The Season 2 DVDs give it away that the crew realizes that Bender is made up of way more than 100% something by now due to 40% zinc, 40% titanium and 30% iron. Also, Dolomite is a sediment. {MW}
  • Addition to Fry's can: there was foam on it when he froze, later it vanished. {A}
  • How does fry know his dog's age? He didn't find him as a puppy. {M**}
  • The score of the Rose bowl game was slightly wrong Stanford led 9 to 3 at the end of the second quarter not Wisconson. {b}
  • The string the professor uses to start the cloning machine changes from a band to a rope and a to chain {A}
  • Dolomite is actually a group of minerals, not a specific mineral, which includes Ankerite, Benstonite, Dolomite, Huntite, Kutnohorite, Minrecordite, and Norsethite. Perhaps Bender is made partly of Ankerite, a dolomite which contains Iron. However, Ankerite is still brittle. {JF}
  • When Fry toasts the new millenium, the clock doesn't count down from 10 to 1 like it did in SP3K and AOI I. {MN*}
  • After the applied cryongenics flashback, just after Bender says "Ok, lets clone us some dog", Leela can be seen wearing her usual white tanktop, not the sexy wrestling gear she has before and after. {B}
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Comments and other Observations...
  • Fry had a different dog named Champ in Futurama comics #2 {MG}
  • In case the new shadow actually is Fry, he has polluted the time line several times now. While his cryogenic freezing/thawing is ok, the fact that he is his own grandfather, and his apparent return to the past with Nibbler make things paradox. But it gives him a shot to save Seymour and makes his inbreeding a probable reason for his denseness (and thus enables him to save Earth from the giant brains). {A*}
  • Did Seymore die or sleep at the end. While it is more romantic a notion that Seymore died waiting for his master, the fossilized Seymore is standing. How did Seymore get fossilized in the first place, anyhow? {JF}
  • Cubert's walk-on part reminded me of a writers trick, which some Star Trek fans refer to as cabbagism. A character, which otherwise is unimportant to the plot, act ignorant of the situation or issue at hand, giving the other chracters the oppurtunity to explain to the viewer what's going to happen, without making the situation feel too artificial. {MN*}
  • Maybe it's a good thing that the cloning did not happen. The Clone-O-Mat's See 'N Say dial said, "A dog goes Mooooooo!" What if Seymore ended up as a cow with a dog's brains, or a dog with a cow's personality? {JF}
  • Only Fry (and his brother) would work at a pizzeria where he wasn't allowed tips and allowed the owner to paddle his bare behind. {JF}
  • Why would Fry think The Hustle was "his people's" native dance? Fry is from the 80s and 90s, not the 70s - his classical music was "Baby Got Back". {JF}
  • Notice how nothing has changed in the ending of the episode. We know more about Fry. But imagine what an obstacle that dog would have been for the later episodes. One way or the other, it would have to die unless someone stranger would take care of it, but thats maybe a little too sugar sweet. {d}
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{A} ArtiAC
{A*} AGH
{AH} Alan Hamilton
{B} Boldra
{B*} BrainSluggo
{C} Cybornut
{C*} CH
{DD} Dr. Dave
{GW} Guy Woodland
{J} Joe25
{JF} Jonah Falcon
{JS} Jon S.
{K} Kristi
{M} MuscaDomestica
{M*} MJ
{M**} MPO
{MG} Mc Grady
{MN} Magnus Nordlander
{MN*} Michael Nissen
{MW} Marc Wichterich
{S} Simon
{b} blahness
{c} calberto
{d} dkuneo
{s} sg

Original Capsule Author: Can't Get Enough Futurama <>


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