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Futurama Episode Capsule

[4ACV11] Where No Fan Has Gone Before

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General Episode Data
Title: Where No Fan Has Gone Before
First aired: 04/21/02
Production Code: 4ACV11
Written by David A. Goodman
Directed by Pat Shinagawa
Opening theme promotion: Where No Fan Has Gone Before
Opening theme cartoon: Hiss and Make Up (Warner Brothers, 1943) {DS}

Fry is put on trial for his life for traveling to the forbidden planet of Omega 3 to retrieve all 79 episodes of "Star Trek", and he must defend the claim that human kind needs "Star Trek" to give them hope for the future. In the 23rd Century, "Star Trek" fans had evolved to such a level that they corrupted the world's governments and all things "Star Trek" were then banned to Omega 3. Fry sets out on his mission with Leela, Bender and Leonard Nimoy's head in a jar, only to discover William Shatner, Nichelle Nichols, George Takei and Walter Koening are living on Omega 3 under the watchful eye of Melllvar, an evil energy creature -- and "Star Trek's" biggest fan.

Voice Credits
  • Billy West (Fry, Dr. Zoidberg)
  • Katey Sagal (Leela)
  • John DiMaggio (Bender)
  • Tress MacNeille
Guest Starring
  • William Shatner (himself)
  • Leonard Nimoy (himself)
  • Walter Koenig (himself)
  • George Takei (himself)
  • Nichelle Nichols (herself)
  • Jonathan Frakes (himself)
  • David Herman
Also Starring
  • Maurice LaMarche (Melllvar)

Did You Notice...
  • Bender works in a Jeffries' Tube? {AH}
  • Leela is barefoot in the witness chair? (Eww, what smells like boot feet?) {AH}
  • Melllvar creates a reasonable replica of the original series bridge. The navigation station wasn't in two parts, and Uhura's station is in the wrong place, though? {AH}
  • Phasers firing from the Planet Express ship just like the Enterprise. They even diverged at the ship yet converged at the target, just like the Enterprise? {AH}
  • Planet Express ship is refitted with Federation engines? {AH}
  • Shatner rips his shirt, like he always does in a fight? He also makes it with an alien babe? {AH}
  • Sparks flying from control panels during an attack? {AH}
  • Stock fly-bys of the Planet Express ship identical to those used in TOS? {AH}
  • The nerd executioners using "He's dead, Jim."? That's McCoy's catch phrase. {AH}
  • Nimoy is no longer greeting visitors as they enter the Head Museum. He is moved to a normal shelf. {MN}
  • Professor Farnsworth isn't shown in this episode? {h}
  • The clouds on Omega 3 are a mauve colour? {h}
  • Bender just hears the police-hovercar, but knows excactly wich one it is. {DS}
  • Inside of the Church of Trek you can read "Ceiling of the Christine Chapel closed for renovation". {DS}
  • Bender's torso expanded after Fry was shoved inside him. {h}
  • With Welshy there were six ex-Star Trek castmembers stranded on Melllvars world. But they are bording the rocket from Earth only five heads are in the ship. Welshy is missing. {LL}
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External references
  • "Mary Sue" fan fiction
    • There is a disturbing amount of fan fiction where the day is saved by a thinly-veiled version of the author. {AH}
  • Church of Scientology
    • The sci-fi religion that does take all of your money {AH}
  • Eminem
    • Shatner sings the rap song 'Slim Shady' in word version. {h}
  • I Am Not Spock / I Am Spock (Books written by Leonard Nimoy)
    • See comments. {MN}
  • Jim Carrey
    • Bender: Lets take these six Jim Carrey movies and record over them! {h}
  • Space: 1999
    • Tapes shot out of an Eagle spaceship {AH}
  • Star Trek (the original series)
    • well, DUH. The whole thing. {AH}
    • Crew-members in red shirts regularly died on away missions. Also Welshy is a red-shirted crew-member and dies. {DS}
  • Star Trek (various)
    • Melllvars ship looks like a cross between a Romulan and Klingon Bird-Of-Prey. It has a cloaking device as well. {MN}
    • Leonard tries to use the made up move from Star Trek (Vulcan neck pinch) {h}
  • Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan (movie)
    • "You are and always shall be my friend." {AH}
    • Tapes shot into space like Spock's coffin. {AH}
    • Who did the captain maroon on Ceti Alpha Five? "KHAAAAANNNN!!" {AH}
  • Star Trek III In Search of Spock (movie)
    • Rescue mission to forbidden planet. {AH}
    • Self-destruct code used again. {AH}
  • Star Trek IV The Voyage Home (movie)
    • Chekov saying "nuclear wessels". {AH}
    • Directed by Nimoy. {AH}
  • Star Trek Music score
    • The Background music is very similar {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: A Piece of the Action
    • "Fliver" car. {AH}
    • Bender's tommy gun. {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: Arena
    • Gave Melllvar the idea of putting the Enterprise crew in a fight to the death. {AH}
    • Leela and Shatner fight on a rocky outcropping identical to one in this episode. {AH}
    • Leela holds a big rock over Shatner, like the Gorn did over Kirk. {AH}
    • The only weapons, whatever you can find. Bamboo appears. {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: Balance of Terror
    • "In a different reality, I could have called you 'friend'." {AH}
    • Dramatically yelling "FIRE!" before pressing the fire button. {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: Bread and Circuses
    • Gladiator TV show set appears. {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: Court-Martial
    • Court martial set similar, including bell. {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: Day of the Dove
    • Fry points out that Melllvar overlooked this as an episode where the Enterprise crew is in a fight to the death. {AH}
    • One of the five with energy beings. {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: Friday's Child
    • Crudely made bows and arrows. {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: Journey to Babel
    • "Ambassador Sarek's Trivia Challenge" {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
    • Self-destruct code. {AH}
    • White/black and black/white people in the Church of Trek congregation. {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: Metamorphosis
    • Energy being captures passing ships. {AH}
    • Melllvar's cheesy sparkle effect similar to the Companion's. {AH}
    • One of the five with energy beings. {AH}
    • The Trek cast is being kept as a companion to an energy being, which gives them ageless perfect health. {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: Obsession
    • Dramatically yelling "FIRE" before hitting the fire button. {AH}
    • Melllvar is a gaseous energy creature, like this one. {AH}
    • Melllvar surrounds Nimoy's jar like the cloud creature surrounds the jar of blood. {AH}
    • One of the five with energy beings. {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: Patterns of Force
    • "Welcome to Nazi-Planet-Episode Land - Formerly Germany" {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: Plato's Stepchildren
    • Nichols: "In the third season, I kissed Shatner." {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: Shore Leave
    • Kirk fights against an old rival (actually a mirage) in a desert setting and gets his shirt ripped like he had here. {MJ}
  • Star Trek TOS: Space Seed
    • Who did the captain maroon on Ceti Alpha Five? "KHAAAAANNNN!!" {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: Spectre of the Gun
    • Gave Melllvar the idea of putting the Enterprise crew in a fight to the death. {AH}
    • Old West sets appear. {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: Squire of Gothos
    • Melllvar's mom shows up, just like Trelane's parents do. {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: The Cage
    • Wind chimes background sound on Omega Three. {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: The Changeling
    • Scotty hit by lightning. {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: The City on the Edge of Forever
    • "Let's get the hell out of here." {AH}
    • Time portal appears. {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: The Corbomite Maneuver
    • The last picture of Kif, resembles the fake image Balok used of himself. {MN}
  • Star Trek TOS: The Gamesters of Triskelion
    • Colored brains appear. {AH}
    • Gave Melllvar the idea of putting the Enterprise crew in a fight to the death. {AH}
    • Wagering in quatloos. {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: The Lights of Zetar
    • One of the five with energy beings. {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: The Menagerie
    • Christopher Pike's wheelchair, one beep for yes, two for no. {AH}
    • Court martial set. {AH}
    • Death sentence for visiting Omega Three (Talos Four). {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: The Naked Time
    • We get to check out George Takei's abs while he fences. {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: The Savage Curtain
    • Gave Melllvar the idea of putting the Enterprise crew in a fight to the death. {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: The Trouble with Tribbles
    • "And Scotty beamed them to the Klingon ship, where they would be no 'tribble' at all." {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: This Side of Paradise
    • Spock gets high on spores and smacks Kirk around. {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: What Are Little Girls Made Of?
    • Fry incorrectly identifies this as the episode for the "In a different reality" quote ("Balance of Terror"). {AH}
    • Fry incorrectly identifies this as the episode for the above quote. {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: Where No Man Has Gone Before
    • Episode title: Where No Fan Has Gone Before {h}
  • Star Trek TOS: Who Mourns for Adonis?
    • Giant hand grabs the ship. {AH}
    • Scotty hit by lightning. {AH}
  • Star Trek TOS: Wolf in the Fold
    • One of the five with energy beings {AH}
  • Star Trek V The Final Frontier (movie)
    • Directed by Shatner. {AH}
    • Uhura's fan dance. {AH}
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation
    • Jonathan Frakes (William Riker) appears and is happy that he doesn't have sit in second row anymore. {AH}
  • Star Wars
    • The Star Wars Trek {AH}
  • Xena: Warrior Princess
    • Uhura's war cry and fighting style {AH}
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Futurama references
  • 1ACV01 - Space Pilot 3000
    • Nimoy appears for the first time, as a head-in-a-jar. {MN}
  • 2ACV08 - Raging Bender
    • Planet of the Clams is now out on video {AH}
  • 2ACV16 - Anthology of Interest 1
    • Nichelle Nichols appeared as one of the Action Rangers {J}
  • 2ACV18 - The Honking
    • Fry inside Bender {h}
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Freeze Frame Fun
sign outside the Church of Trek: 
T-shirt of nerd getting killed:
 Beam me up Scotty, there's no intelligent life here.
Video shop:
Videos inside:
 * The Yawning
 * Werewolf Dog
 * Pippi Longstockings
 * Planet of the Clams
 * Moon Meen from Mars
 * Galaxy Wars
Outside the Brandenburg Gate:
Ouside the Head Museum:

Animation, continuity, and other goofs...
  • Star Trek was mentioned in some previous episodes with no penalty. {J}
  • In "Space Pilot 3000" Fry calls Nimoy Spock and asked him to make "this Vulcan finger-thing". But Nimoy doesn't try to say he don't know anything about Star Trek and Spock, like he tries it in "Where no Fan has gone before". {DS}
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Comments and other Observations...
  • "George and Walter will have to share." The show didn't have the budget in the second season for both Koenig and Takei, so they had to switch off episodes. {AH}
  • "Another classic science fiction show canceled before its time." Fox's airing of Futurama has been very irregular, and they did not order any new episodes for 2002/2003. {AH}
  • "Like, how you should respect everyone, be they black, white, Klingon, or even female." Trek's use of women and minorities was quite radical for 1966. In the original pilot, the first officer was supposed to be the female "Number One", but the network forced them to change it. They still got a lot of complaints about Uhura. {AH}
  • According to Solow and Justman's _Inside Star Trek_ (an absolute must-read for any Trek fan...) the suits were *not* unhappy that Number One was female, but that the married Roddenberry was casting his mistress in the part. When he later turned her into a blonde and stuck her back into the show as Chapel, they weren't exactly thrilled, either. {G}
  • Looks like the head at FOX didn't attend enough Star Trek conventions: Someone spelled Melllvar just 'Melvar' in the press release. {MW}
  • In "A Head In The Polls" Bender says that his self-destruct mechanism is on his body, indicating it's a mechanical device. Now it's a simple voice-activated device. Maybe an upgrade? {MN}
  • In 1975, while TOS was shooting for the stars and fast achieving cult status, Nimoy wrote a book titled "I Am Not Spock". It was an attempt by Nimoy to distance himself from his role as Spock, to avoid being typecast "alien". Mentioning many of his other achievements as an actor, the book was anti-Spock, but in a friendly way. Still it alienated some fans. Later Nimoy realised, though he was a respected director and wellknown actor, he couldn't escape his most famous role, and wrote the book "I Am Spock". Here Nimoy tells how he values Spock, the impact the role has had on his life and his fondness of the character. The scene in the headmuseum between Nimoy and Fry reminded me of these two books. First Nimoy tries to steer away from Spock, and talk about his other achievements as an actor, but latter admit that he can't escape it. {MN}
  • James Doohan (Montgomery "Scotty" Scott) didn't participate in this episode, so his character was replaced by Welshy. However, DeForest Kelley (Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy) did appear, although Kelly died in 1999. {AH}
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{AH} Alan Hamilton
{DS} Daniela Schad
{G} Geoduck
{J} Joe25
{LL} Lina Linck
{MJ} Matty Jorissen
{MN} Michael Nissen
{MW} Marc Wichterich
{h} haleys_comet

Original Capsule Author: Alan Hamilton


Legal notice: "Futurama" TM and copyright FOX, its related entities and the Curiosity Company. All rights reserved. Any reproduction, duplication or distribution of these materials in any form is expressly prohibited. Disclaimer: As a fan page, this web site and its content are not authorized by FOX.