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Futurama Episode Capsule

[4ACV12] The Sting

Futurama Capsules are meant as complete guidelines for the episodes. These documents are produced by Futurama fans for Futurama fans. Feel free to contribute if you see missing things in any of the capsules.
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General Episode Data
Title: The Sting
First aired: 06/01/03
Production Code: 4ACV12
Written by Patric M. Verrone
Directed by Brian Sheesley
Opening theme promotion: A BY-PRODUCT OF THE TV INDUSTRY

After arriving at an asteroid field in deep space, Fry, Leela and Bender attempt to collect honey produced by vicious space bees. Leela decides to take a baby queen bee that incidentally kills Fry! While at Fry's funeral, guilt ridden Leela has a romantic dream that causes her to believe that Fry is still alive. As Leela's bizarre dreams continue to develop, she sinks into a much stranger sleep.

Voice Credits
  • Billy West (Fry, Prof. Farnsworth, Zoidberg)
  • Katey Sagal (Leela)
  • John DiMaggio (Bender)
  • Tress MacNeille (Queen Bee, Amazonian)
Guest Starring
  • Frank Welker (Nibbler)
  • David Herman (Priest?)
  • Dawnn Lewis (LaBarbara Conrad)
  • Lauren Tom (Amy)
  • Phil LaMarr (Hermes, former Planet Express captain)

Did You Notice...
  • that Farnsworth changed the logo of Planet Express a bit since his last crew died? Bad reputation? {MW}
  • that Farnsworth is wearing slippers during the funeral? {MW}
  • that Petunia claims to have had sex with Fry? {MW}
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External references
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey (movie)
    • Leela floating through space to the music of "Also Sprach Zarathustra" is a reference to this classical sci-fi movie from 1968. {MW}
  • Don't Worry, Be Happy (song)
    • "Bee happy" was of course a parody of this song by Bobby McFerrin. {MW}
  • Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (movie)
    • Scruffy playing bagpipe while Fry's coffin is ejected into space is akin to Scotty playing bagpipe while Spock's torpedo-coffin is sent out into space. {MW}
  • Swiss Miss Cocoa
    • Fry pours Leela some Semitic Miss Cocoa, which is a reference to this brand. {e}
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Futurama references
  • 1ACV01 - Space Pilot 3000
    • Farnsworth tells about his old crews and has their career chips in an envelope labeled "Contents of space wasp's stomach". He must've mistaken the bees for wasps at first. {MW}
    • Fry's 20th century girlfriend Michelle (later frozen) can be seen at the funeral. {MW}
    • The "World of Tomorrow" guy does his famous showmanship pose. {MW}
  • 1ACV07 - My Three Suns
    • Leela has a spoon showing a picture of Fry as the Emperor of planet Trisol. {MW}
    • Two water beings appear at the funeral. {MW}
  • 1ACV11 - Mars University
    • The FOX Executive monkey Guenther from this episode is attending the funeral. {MW}
  • 2ACV06 - Lesser of Two Evils
    • Fry tells us that he made it with a radiator woman from the radiator planet. The funeral shows a radiator questioning his bed skills. {MW}
  • 2ACV11 - How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back
    • Bureaucrat Morgan Proctor is sitting among Fry's exes during the funeral. {MW}
    • The PI-in 1 oil (seen in Leela's memory box) was used by Fry here. It had a different design though. {MW}
  • 3ACV01 - Amazon Women in the Mood
    • Fry's affair from the Amazonian planet tells us about his snoo-snoo skills. {MW}
  • 3ACV03 - A Tale of Two Santas
    • The two gay Neptunians are sitting at the funeral. {MW}
  • 3ACV04 - The Luck of the Fryrish
    • We see the Orbiting Meadows the first time when Fry looks for his brother's grave. {MW}
  • 3ACV20 - Godfellas
    • Floating through space to the song from 2001 (Also Sprach Zarathustra) {MW}
    • The priest holding Fry's funeral speech is wearing the traditional dress of the First Amalgamated Church introduced here. {MW}
  • 4ACV03 - Love & Rocket
    • The "U Leave Me Breathless" candy in Leela's box of memories comes from this episode. {MW}
  • 4ACV07 - Jurassic Bark
    • The dark stone (dolomite) dog standing next to the coffin is Fry's former dog Seymour from this episode. {MW}
  • 4ACV10 - The Why Of Fry
    • Fry gave Leela a flower at the end of this episode which can be seen in Leela's box of memories. {M}
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Freeze Frame Fun
Bender playing virtual golf:
 17th Hole, Par 4           Rating:
                      Go Fish, Jerk
 Beloved Man           R.I.P. Meatbag
    And                  From Bender
 Delivery Boy
Memories of Fry:
 * a white flower
 * a photo
 * a slurm can
 * Pi-in-1 Oil can
 * a fake beard?
 * "U Leave Me Breathless" heart candy
 * "I'm with stupid on the moon" magnet
Semitic Miss 

Animation, continuity, and other goofs...
  • During the funeral, the garland is suddenly much farther away from the coffin than before (standing on the carpet then). Also, Seymour vanishes. {MW}
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Comments and other Observations...
  • Goofs noticed between the initial bee sting and the hospital scene can be discounted with just being more of Leela's dream craziness. Still, to keep the illusion up, they were probably not meant to be in there. {MW}
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{M} Margarita
{MW} Marc Wichterich
{e} edel

Original Capsule Author: Can't get enough Futurama <>


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