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Futurama Comics #1
(Feisty First Issue!)

Episode 1: Monkey Sea, Monkey DOOM!

Plot: Fry gets a hold of some 20th Century Sea-Monkeys. After trying to grow them in water, they won't come alive. Fry then throws them into Gamma Radiation, where the Sea-Monkey’s become more than just living. Scroll all down for SPOILERs.

  • p.1 panel text - On the last line of the text on the bottom of the page, if you read carefully, it says "Printed on recycled paper with 10% part-consumer waste".
  • p.2 panel 1 - To the left of Fry looks like an old model of the flying motorcycle they use.
  • p.4 panel 1 - To the left of Fry’s arm is the bunny from Matt Groening’s other comic.
  • p.6 panel 3 - They changed some o the names of stuff that came out of the time capsule. Play-Doh is now called Fun-Doh and Kool Aid is now called Sugar Aid.
  • p.8 panel 1 - On the table you can see a stuffed face of Homer Simpson and to the right of the head is the word "Doh", which makes it look like Homer is talking.
  • p.10 panel 2 - Above the shopkeepers head is a bunch of items of Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars Episode 1: Phantom Menace. Also, they shop keeper talks like Jar Jar Binks.
  • p.10 panel 2 - Inside the glass case, they have one of those helicopter hats and what seems to be a magic trick book on the right.
  • p.10 panel 5 - The robot was trying to sell Fry Action Comics #1, for $10.95. The issue where Superman was first introduced. Currently it is worth about $200,000. By 3000, it should be worth about $1,000,000.
  • p.10 panel 5 - In the glass case you can see along with the x-ray glasses, a hand buzzer and a whoopee cushion. On the rack to the right of the shopkeeper is a fake booger packaged, I can’t make out the other ones.
  • p.11 panel 6 - If you look on the aisle numbers, they have aisle 8 twice.
  • p.13 panel 1 - It looks to me as if Prof. Fransworth is creating a computerized dentist machine.
  • p.14 panel 1 - Fry is having a dog bowl of Bacheler Chow.
  • p.18 panel 1 - You can see Kiff, Mom and her 2 sons, the news reporter, the two cops, they alien from the Simpsons from the movie Space Mutants, Godzilla and King Kong dressed up.
  • p.23 panel 3 - It looks as if Dr. Zoidberg is holding a product of Mom.
  • p.24 panel 3 - Above the shopkeeper you can see a circle with Spider-Mans face in it. In the glass case you can see a Charlie Brown mug and the top of Bart Simpson’s hair.
  • p.26 panel 5 - If you look at the windshield of the Planet Express Ship, it was fixed with duct-tape.

  • p.14 panel 1 - To the right of Leela’s feet is no garbage can. Yet on panel 3, beside Amy’s foot, there suddenly is one. Not to be outdone, on the next page, the garbage can changes colors.
  • p.18 panel 1 - You can clearly see the Sea Monkey’s breaking up the subway tracks and ripping off the green trains. Later, in p.22 panel 4, you can see the trains running smoothly again.
  • p.32 panel 1 - Bongo Comics made a few mistakes in the websites. For Planet Roadmap - The Futurama Database & Can’t Get Enough Futurama, their sites address was listed wrong. It is now at It listed our old sites address but other sites like The Leela Zone were able to get the into their address. Also, even if we still were at our old address, the url has an extra "e" in sweet (sweeet). For Planet Roadmap, they added the extra "e" but forgot the "t".

  • p.8 panel 1 - I think the artists of the comic intentionally put the word "Doh" beside Homer Simpson’s face to make it look like he is talking.
  • p.9 panel 4 - Dr. Zoidberg is saying "Ho, Ho Ho... I’m laughing with friends!" It just goes to show how many friends Dr. Zoidberg has.
  • p.10 panel 2 - If you look behind the shopkeeper you can see Jar Jar Binks stuff. Then if you look at him talk, you can see that he is talking like Jar Jar Binks.
  • p.11 panel 7 - Bender says that Fry is wearing ladies underpants, using his x-ray glasses but Leela says that he is wrong. Then you see Fry kind of nervous, as if Bender had guessed right.
  • p.15 panel 5 - Fry says "...a little Gamma Radiation never hurts anyone, right, Professor?" Well, in the panel, you see Prof. Fransworth all suited up and saying that he is going to bathe in chlorine...for no specific reason, mind you. Which probably means that Gamma Radiation is very very bad.
  • p.18 panel 1 - On the bottom left, you will see Godzilla and King Kong running. This is to show when King Kong and Godzilla took over New York (King Kong climbed up the Empire State Building and Godzilla in Godzilla 2000) They are now out beaten by the best, Sea Monkeys.
  • p.26 panel 5 - The window of the Planet Express Ship is fixed up with duct-tape. It just goes to show that "Duct-Tape fixed anything!"

  • Times Slurm was shown - 4 (including cover)
  • Items found inside the Partridge Family Lunch Box along with the letter - 3 packs of Sugar-Aid (purple, blue and green); a newspaper (New York); Valley of the Dolls movie (beta); a lips with a tongue sticking out sticker; Saturday Night Fever (Bee Gees) for the eight track; Fun-Doh; Space in Outer Space (comic); peace sign necklace; and a View-Master with 2 cards. (If you know where the Homer Simpson head came from, please e-mail me!)
  • Items Shifty’s True Wonders of the 20th Century Emporium sells - Jar Jar Binks mask; Jar Jar Binks key chains; Jar Jar Binks figurine; the battery operated monkey that smashes the cymbals together; a disco ball; a hat with a helicopter blade on top; magic card trick set; colorful wigs; x-ray glasses; hand buzzer; whoopee cushion; fake dog doo; Sea Monkeys; Automatic Muscle Inflator; The A-Team toy; a red toy car; Charlie Brown mug; a picture of an actor; a gypsy doll; and Bart Simpson toy.

  • Fry
  • Bender
  • Leela
  • Prof. Fransworth
  • Hermes Conrad
  • Dr. Zoidberg
  • Amy Wong
  • Blue alien wearing a green and yellow suit
  • Alien which is member of Kiff’s race
  • Man on flying motorcycle
  • Three-eyed green blob alien
  • Bikini woman
  • Flying kid
  • Ronni (storekeepers robot)
  • Mr. Sal (storekeeper)
  • News casting lady
  • The Repent Now robot (radio robot)
  • The two cops (robot & human cop)
  • Mom & her two sons
  • The Slug (from the Slurm episode)
  • Kif Kroker
  • Godzilla
  • King Kong
  • A blue robot
  • Alien with horn in head
  • Green alien with triangle head
  • 17 human beings
  • Morbo
  • Blue alien octopus
  • Alien with brown hair
  • Mayor Poppenmeyier
  • Elzar the cook


Script - Eric Rogers
Pencils - James Lloyd
Plot/Edits - Bill Morrison
Inks - Steve Steere, Jr.
Letters - Chris Ungar
Colors - (Colorbot 3000)
- Serban Cristescu
- Nathan Kane
- Christopher Ungar
- Art Villanueva
Art Supervision - Nathan Kane
Created by - Matt Groening
Publisher - Matt Groening
Art Director/Editor - Bill Morrison
Managing Editor - Terry Delegeane
Operations - Robert Zaugh
Assistant Art Director - Nathan Kane
Production Manager - Christopher Ungar
Production/Design - Karen Bates, Art Villanueva
Production Assistants - Jason Ho, Mike Rote
Administration - Sherri Smith
Futurama logos Designed by Mili Smythe

If there is anything you would like the add or you have noticed a mistake please contact me at and you will get credit. By the way, Futurama Comics is printed 6 times a year at a low low cost of $2.50 ($3.50 CAN)


Fry, Leela and Bender are told to dig up a hole in the basement to hide Prof. Fransworth Galactic Terminatrix 3000 after he had blown up one of Saturn’s moons. While digging, Fry hits something and finds out that it is a Partridge Family lunch box.
After deciding who should open it, they discover that it is a time capsule from 1979 and that it is all worthless junk. Fry tries reading a comic and finds an ad for Sea-Monkeys. The ad gives an address in New York and they head out to find it. They end up entering a shop that sells 20th Century stuff. Fry buys what he is looking for and heads home to bring them to life.
He sticks the Sea-Monkeys into a bowl of water but they won’t come alive. Wanting to impress everyone with 20th Century stuff, he gives up. Fry and Fransworth throw the 3 Sea Monkey’s into a barrel of Gamma Radiation. The next day, Zoidberg discovers that they became alive and brings them to show everyone.
Fry starts taking care of them and suddenly notices that the Sea Monkeys are growing by the second. While Zoidberg decides to sleep with his new "friends" Fry hits the sack and goes to bed. When Zoidberg wakes up, he finds out that the Sea Monkeys escaped and to his surprise about 4 stories high!
The Sea Monkey’s cause havoc and start to break everything in site. While the Planet Express crew tries to shoot them, they are caught and Fry is about to be eaten. Just then, Bender notices that on the ad it says, "100% Satisfaction or we’ll take the shrimp back and refund your money". Zoidberg calls the shop where they bought the Sea Monkey’s and tells them that they want their money back.
The shopkeeper arrives and injects the Sea Monkey’s with poison. They come crashing down and Fry is saved. After saving the day, the mayor congratulates them with a $80,000 bill, for all the havoc the Sea Monkey’s caused. The reason the Planet Express was billed is because Fry had gotten the Sea Monkey’s their own pet tags and it was registered to the Planet Express.
Instead of paying the city to pick up the guts of the Sea Monkey’s, they give it to Zoidberg to eat, free of charge.

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