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Futurama Comics #2
(Slimy Second Issue)
... but DELIVER us to EVIL!

Plot: After being told to deliver a parcel to the planet Fedex 12, along with the cargo owners, the Planet Express Crew discover that the owners of the cargo came along to learn the secrets of how the Planet Express Crew deliver their cargo. After learning this, they would destroy them and take over the delivering service of the universe. Scroll all the way down for SPOILER.

  • p.8 panel 1 - On the right, Bender is sitting on a box that has a "This End Up" sign, but the box is facing down.
  • p.8 panel 6 - Bender is drinking a bottle of Olde rtrad Malt Liquir. I couldn’t get the second word but if anyone knows it, please e-mail me.
  • p.9 panel 1 - If you look at Earth, it seems like Hudson Bay has sank lower (closer to the south)
  • p.11 panel 2 - The American flag seems to have changed. Instead of stars in the corner, it is now a picture of the world.
  • p.11 panel 2 - If you look in the TV’s you can see this: CNN212 (CNN), BLT (BET?), MSNBCRSpan (MSNBC? or what my spellchecker was giving me MSNBC Span), a live shot of a place getting bombed, the news lady and the two cops.
  • p.11 panel 3 - If you look at the sink, it has two faucets. What is with the other one?
  • p.13 panel 2 - The pirates flag, instead of a human skull, they used a computer because they are robots.
  • p.20 panel 6 - The character you see is Silver Surfer from Marvel comics.
  • p.21 panel 1 - The view you are seeing is trying to represent the view of a game. Where you control a ship and are allowed to move only left and right trying to shoot the things above you before they come and hit you.
  • p.22 panel 1 - Lucy and Ricky say they are from Fedex 12 (and are trying to learn how to deliver stuff really good - like Planet Express does) Since they are trying to become a delivery business, and Fedex is a delivery business, the name fits.
  • p.24-26 panel 6-7 - Some things the guards dropped were a sock, glasses, a comb, some boxers, a purse, and a detective hat.
  • whole comic book - Even though Ricky and Lucy’s names were a coincident to "I Love Lucy", they even resembled them also.

  • p.4 panel 1 - Behind Fry you will notice that there is nothing behind him. It is just an orange wall. But suddenly in panel 3, they have a heater show up. Then on the next page in panel 4, the heater changes color to gray.
  • p.15 panel 5 - The captain’s (Long John Silicon) hat gets messed up in this panel. The symbol on it is suppose to be white but was colored red.
  • p.21 panel 6 - If you notice through the first part of the comic, Lucy’s shoes are red and is wearing no socks. Then while the ship moves around and cracks open the crate. Lucy has enough time to change into her brown clothes and put on some socks and change shoes.

  • p.1 panel 1 - Prof. Fransworth says, "Excellent happenings, people!", but no one listens. Then he says, "Good news, everyone!" To understand this, you must have been watching Futurama from the start. Every time Fransworth has to say something to everyone, he starts off with saying, "Good news, everyone!" which always gets their attention.
  • p.13 panel 2 - If you look at the sails of the ship, usually ships are helped to move by the sails and wind. But this ship uses to sail and solar power.
  • p.14 panel 1 - Leela says that the pirates name is Long John Silicon. That’s suppose to be also known to use as Long John Silver. Take away the "icon" and add "ver".
  • p.20 panel 5 - The reason they show Silver Surfer up in space is because usually when artists are drawing poses of Silver Surfer, they usually are drawing him in space.

  • Awards that you can win from the Big Applet (For the Discriminated New New Yorker 762nd Best of New New York Issue) - Best Alien Abduction Service; Best Genetically Engineered Pizza; Hover Cabbie of the Year; Best Stage Revival: Trainspotting, the musical!, and more!
  • Games Bender and Fry play on Planet Express Ship - Karaoke Show; Holographic Pictionary; drinking games with the Auto Pilot; arm wrestling with the Auto Pilot and Laser Tag.
  • Rooms that are on the Planet Express Ship - The Military Strategy Room; The Morgue; and Benders favorite, The Jungle Room.
  • Items in Leela’s Duel Cabinet - pistol; white glove (dueling glove); phaser; sword; turntable for DJ scratch-off; and knuckles (silver or brass knuckles)
  • The items that the guards left behind when they ran or got eaten - eye glasses; brush; kings crown and cane thing; arrow head; helmet; 2 keys on one chain; two black shoes; a sock; white glove; comb; green boxers; blue purse; and a detective hat.

  • Prof. Fransworth
  • Dr. Zoidberg
  • Bender
  • Fry
  • Amy Wong
  • Leela
  • Hermes Conrad
  • A green robot
  • A robot from All My Circuits (yellow girl)
  • Calculon
  • The Slug
  • A Dr. Zoidberg/Worm type alien
  • Nibbler
  • Lucyxzl (Lucy)
  • Rickykorbgoll (Ricky)
  • The two cops (robot & human cop)
  • News casting lady
  • A green alien with purple polka dots
  • A hairy red alien
  • Long John Silicon
  • Long John Silicon’s Blackboard robots (3 with bandanas and one with an eye patch)
  • Zapp Brannigan
  • Kif Kroker
  • Silver Surfer
  • Fedex 12’s king
  • 50 Fedex 12 aliens (may be some duplicates I counted)
  • Fedex 12 executioner
  • Space Mutants (on the cover) from the Simpson’s


Script - Eric Rogers
Pencils - Tom King
Inks - Steve Steere, Jr.
Letters - Chris Ungar
Colors - Nathan Kane
Edits - Bill Morrison
Ship Stowaway - Matt Groening

Publisher - Matt Groening
Art Director/Editor - Bill Morrison
Managing Editor - Terry Delegeane
Operations - Robert Zaugh
Assistant Art Director - Nathan Kane
Production Manager - Christopher Ungar
Production/Design - Karen Bates, Art Villanueva
Production Assistants - Jason Ho, Mike Rote
Administration - Sherri Smith
Futurama logos Designed by - Mili Smythe

If there is anything you would like the add or you have noticed a mistake please contact me at and you will get credit. By the way, Futurama Comics is printed 6 times a year at a low low cost of $2.50 ($3.50 CAN)


The Planet Express Crew wins an award for "Most Efficient Deliver Company on Weekends and Holidays" from the Big Applet, even though they are the only delivery company that delivers on weekends and holidays.
While celebrating, Nibbler starts to eat Fry’s cake and Zoidberg’s cousins from Ohio. Everyone gets mad at Nibbler and he runs away.
Moments later, the Planet Express gets two customers, Lucy and Ricky who want to deliver a crate to Fedex 12, but since the crate has something secret in it, they want to go along. They found out how good they were in the Big Applet and insisted on using the Planet Express to deliver their secret crate.
While on flight to Fedex 12, the crew encounter space pirates - Long John Silicon and his Blackboard robots to be exact. Leela pleads for Lucy and Ricky to tell them what’s in the crate because Long John Silicon may want it. But they insist that they cannot.
Leela whips out some razor brass knuckles and defeats the space pirates. But after finishing off the space pirates, Lucy and Ricky or should I say Lucyxzl and Rickykorbgoll whip out lasers from the crate. They demand that they not do anything to escape. The Planet Express Crew finds out that Fedex 12 sent Lucy and Ricky to find out how the best delivery service succeeds so greatly. Now Fedex 12 can take over the delivery service in the whole universe. After learning the secrets of how they deliver (which is Melting pot, Human Ego, Alien Superiority, and Kung-Fu Expertise) they try to dispose of the crew on the planet Fedex 12.

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