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Old New York

Old New York
Old New York is now a deserted wasteland of dark streets and empty buildings, located beneath the streets of the ever-resourceful city of New New York. As the city alternately crumbled, was rebuilt, and was laid waste to by alien invaders, New Yorkers began to vacate the shattered ruins of their former homes, and pave over the areas in question to begin rebuilding. As a result, there is no human life down deep beneath the streets of NNY, although Mutants, radioactive monsters, and giant lizards stray up here from time to time, having wandered out of the sewer systems below. New New Yorkers largely ignore the decaying splendour of 20th Century New York, but recently, the Planet Express Delivery Crew have ventured into the ruins to hide from the Peace Officers, and later to recover a monument to Philip J Fry, the first man on Mars.
The city moulders ever further into legend with each passing year, as new monsters such as the dreaded El Chupanibre are spawned, and the Mutants grow nastier looking and nastier looking.

Old New York
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