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Is the elected leader of the Omicronians. Married to Ndnd. Almost 7 feet tall, greenskinned and wears a red cape. Resides at the Royal Palace on Omicron Persei 8. Commander of the powerful Omicronian War Fleet.

Lrrr is a big fan of Earth's 20th century TV-shows, which he recieves with a 1000 year delay (due to the TV-signals old-light component). Favorites are "Single Female Lawyer" and "Friends", although Joey-heavy episodes rank somewhat lower. He usually gets his signal from WNYC in New York. When the season final of "Single Female Lawyer" was disrupted, Lrrr reacted with extreme rage, and launched an invasion of Earth.

He later returned to Earth when Earthicans started to fancy a new delicacy, Popplers. Knowing that Popplers was in fact Omicronian young stolen from a nursery planet 2 days flight from Earth, Lrrr threatened to eat the entire Earth population in retaliation. Later he settled with eating the first person to eat a Poppler, one Turanga Leela. However when a young Omicronian, Jrrr, claimed that Leela was its friend and had tried to save it, Lrrr reconsidered. He then ate the hippie Free Waterfall Junior - because he annoyed him.

As all Omicronians, Lrrr has a problem with recognizing faces.

Lrrr has an aggressive temper, and is prone to violence. His intelligence is also somewhat lacking. One of the things that infuriates in him is strange concepts, such as "wuv".

Lrrr is seeking a new term in 3009, so far prospects are good.

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