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Ogden Wernstrom

Ogden Wernstrom
Professor Ogden Wernstrom, a brilliant and generally egocentric man, received his PhDs in Quantum and Astrophysics from Mars University in 2901. His thesis on the end of the Universe is actually responsible for coining the term 'the Big Suck' and was quite controversial among many of the civilized Universe's top scientific minds. His doctoral work was also impeded by a long-standing feud with noted theorist and inventor Hubert Farnsworth. Wernstrom's contempt for Farnsworth began with a single grade handed out to Ogden late in the Spring semester of his Senior Year. Being given an 'A-' for his sloppyness set Wernstrom on a 100 year vendetta, seeking to destroy and humiliate Farnsworth. Wernstrom eventually left academia to enter the private sector. His complete and utter lack of interpersonal skills led to his dismissal from four major corporations and a consulting job for the City of New New York. He was awarded the Annual Inventors' Symposium's Annual Award in 3000 but was later forced to return the award in light of his complete disregard for the citizens of New New York City and Earth itself. Leading the cause of stripping Wernstrom of his award was his arch-nemesis, Prof. Farnsworth, whose triumph (Wernstrom promised) would not go unavenged.

Ogden Wernstrom
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