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Standing over two meters tall, the Mom's Friendly Robot Company's Series Seven killbot is an imposing figure even without its weaponry. One of the primary weapons used by the mantis-like killbots are their sickle-shaped bladed arms. These razor sharp, titanium appendages are capable of slicing through most body armor worn by DOOP soldiers. The Series Seven also carries an array of positron launchers mounted in its abdomen for long distance fighting. Thanks to the robots' slim structure, they present a difficult target for most organic soldiers. The largest flaw in the MFRC design is the software's reliance on a limited number of kills. This means that a large enough group of soldiers can defeat the Series Sevens without ever firing a shot. This weakness was capitalized on by Zapp Brannigan in 2996, when he saved an entire system from a horde of rampaging Series Sevens.

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