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Robot Mafia

Robot Mafia
The Robot Mafia is based in Frontys Meat Market, New New York, and is a highly successful crime syndicate, turning their metallic hands to everything, from running numbers to stealing cigars. The Planet Express crew have fallen victim to the Robot Mafia in the past, without knowing that Bender was hired to participate in the robbery. Thanks to Bender, the crew survived, and still has no idea of what really went on whilst they were blindfolded on the bridge of the Planet Express Ship.

The Robot Mafia often dine out, with Elzar's restaurant being a favourite location. They have a gentleman's club, and their leader, The Donbot, has a taste for accessories, such as rings, capes and hats.

The other members of this vicious criminal gang are Clamps, and Joey Mousepad. Clamps has a pair of powerful clamps in place of hands, which are often useful in forcing co-operation from unwilling individuals, and any situation where a tight grip is required. Clamps never misses an opportunity to demonstrate his clampiwork, and becomes jealous of others who deny him the chance to do so. He is fiercely loyal to the Donbot, and extremely quick to anger.

Joey Mousepad is the muscle of the group. He is taller and broader than other robots, and less temperamental than Clamps, although he appears to have a slower processing capability, and often states the extremely obvious, or makes subtle grammatical mistakes.

Tinny Tim was hired for the Robot Mafia by Bender, during his brief employment by the group.

The Robot Mafia are cunning and merciless, and often take the time to track down and deactivate or 'silence' anybody who may pose a threat to them, or knows too much.

Robot Mafia
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