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Tinny Tim

Tinny Tim
Tinny Tim is a small badly made orphan-bot who suffers constantly at the hands of Life, the Universe, and Everything. He sells oilade for 5 cents a glass in Little Bitaly when he is not engaged in other, more nefarious activities. He was introduced to a life of crime by Bender, during the Xmas period of 3001 and later recruited into the Robot Mafia.

Tinny Tim was last seen squashed beneath the treads of The Crushinator, on Mothers Day 3001, after having dumped his gifts onto the conveyor belt which leads into the heart of Mom's domain.

Due to a robots incredible ability to sustain large amounts of damage and stay functional, we can assume that tinny Tim is, or will be, operational again, and once more fully active in the Robot Underworld.

Tinny Tim
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