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The Holophonor is a rare and delicate musical instrument that uses mental impulses and interprets musical notes to assemble a holographic picture. There are only a few who can play it, and most of them can't play it well. During his infestation with super-intelligent worms, Fry was able to play the Holophonor for Leela, showing her a dazzling vision. Later on, Fry is no longer able to perform at this level, due to the loss of the worms, but is learning to play it from scratch in order to impress Leela once again with his skill and sensitivity. A pact with the Robot devil lets him regain his skills for a while.

The Holophoner is played both with the mouth and the mind, making it very important to focus your thoughts when performing. Those who can master the control of their mental processes are rewarded with exquisite images that they can control simply by thinking at them, accompanied by sweet music that is both relaxing and uplifting to the listener.

  • was mastered by Fry
  • was played for Leela

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