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Global Warming

Global Warming
As greenhouse gases built up in Earth's atmosphere, the planet's global temperature started to rise at an alarming rate; by 2063, the planet was already 11F hotter than in 2000. However, that year Earth's handsomest politicians finally came up with a cheap, last-minute solution to control Global Warming: dropping a giant ice cube from the Halley's Comet in one of Earth's oceans every now and then. This fix worked for nearly a millennium, and so by the year 3000, Global Warming was considered by many a scientific fraud, like secondhand smoke. Unfortunately, the robots from Momcorp's subsidary Mom's Friendly Robot Company designed by Professor Hubert Farnsworth had been aggravating the problem since 2928, as their exhaust gases increased the greenhouse effect by several orders of magnitude. This led to a major crisis in 3003, when the Planet Express mining crew found that the Halley's Comet was completely out of ice, and Earth started to experience the devastating effects of sudden intense global warming. An emergency conference hosted in Kyoto by Al Gore revealed the robot's share of blame for the environmental damage, and so Ogden Wernstrom and President Richard Nixon's Head decided to lure all robots to the Galapagos Islands and then destroy them all with a powerful electro-magnetic pulse. In the nick of time, however, Professor Farnsworth found another solution: with all the robots of Earth located in the same place, he instructed them to point their exhaust vents directly upwards and vent with all their power, thus moving Earth from its orbit, farther from the sun. This strategy worked, and as the electro-magnetic pulse missed Earth, the planet switched to an orbit 2.8 million kilometers farther from the sun, thus cooling it. This also caused the Earth's year to become a week longer, which was declared the Robot Party Week.

Global Warming
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