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Robotology is the most widely practiced religion among robots on Earth. Its basic precepts are that a converted robot can attain a place in Robot Heaven by studying the Good Book (current release: 3.0) and rejecting sin. A robot who gives into its temptations will find itself in Robot Hell, the subterranean lair of Beelzebot (the Robot Devil) located under New Jersey. According to Robotological doctrine, the Robot Devil takes great pleasure in devising agonizing and ironic punishments for the damned. Sins that will land a robot in Robot Hell include (but are not limited to) consuming alcohol, engaging in 'wanton acts' of sexual interface, and theft.

Robotology split from Robo-Judaism over the issues of the Robot Messiah. Robotologist believed that Robot Jesus was their savior, while Robo-Judaists believed in a savior yet to come.
The "resistor of sin" - the sign of the church - represents the acceptance that sin will flow through them, but it will be lessened by their faith.

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