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2ACV03 - A Head in the Polls

From the Makers of Futurama

Written by J. Stewart Burns

Directed by Bret Haaland


Billy West: Fry, Farnsworth, Zoidberg, Nixon, Clinton

Katey Sagal: Leela

John DiMaggio: Bender

Maurice LaMarche: Morbo

Phil LaMarr: Hermes

Lauren Tom: Amy

Dave Herman: John Jackson, Jack Johnson

Tress MacNeille: Linda, Nixon's assistant

Length: 21:15

In 'The Scary Door' a shoe, a telephone, a stopwatch, a chicken drumstick and a guy washing his hair all float through the air during the opening music

There are only two people in the audience for 'The Thrill of Politics'

Bender and Fry have been eating a burger and some chiniese food while watching TV

The first 1000 entries get an extra vote

The political parties are: Tastycrats, Fingerlicans, One Cell One Vote, Green Party, Brain Slug Party, Dudes for the legilisation of Hemp, Bull Space Moose Party, National Raygun Association (NRA), People for the Ethical Treatment of Humans, Voter Apathy Party, Anti-Socialists, Rainbow Whigs

One of Elzar's species runs the 'People for the Ethical Treatment of Humans' booth

After they have registered, Fry and Bender STILL haven't cleaned up their food

The person used for the background pictures in the news headlines is the same as in the poster 'You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do' from 1ACV01

You can see lots of robot arms waving form beneath the rubble

Rook Takes Pawn: Instant Cash, Cash on the Spot, Loans

Fry is eating batchelour Chow when Bender tells them he's sold his body

When at the pool, Bender is reading 'Playbot'

Head Museum: 1820 - 1887 'The Golden Age of the Mutton Chop

In the head museum; Movie Stars, b-Movie Stars, Porn Stars, TV stars, supermodels, US presidents

Amoung the presidents there are: Reagan, Bush, Rosevelt, Ford, Nixon, Carter, Clinton, Washinton, Jefferson, Truman, Dole, Jackson

There WAS a 2 in Bender's dream

Tonight: Presidential debate. Tommorrow: Vice Presidential 'Your Mama so Fat'

Richard Nixon's dressing room had a 'Watch Your Hat and Coat' sign on the door

After they go to see Nixon, they sit under a satue of RXJKHR. The 60th President

The Water Gate Hotel 'COLOR stained matresses

Nixon's new body is like the old 'Transformer' toys

How did the last man on earth talk if he had no tongue?

When Leela comes in during 'The Scary Door' the TV is displaying the 'Scary Door' title. Why would it do that after only a few seconds?

How can a cell move, talk and vote

When Bender is kicked from the street, how did he manage to reach Planet Express from the other side of town?

How does Bender steer the car? He is not hooked up by wires because we can see inside his head when he falls over

Have I missed anything? email me

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