#Futuramachat - Brought to you by HypnoSpores

Some NoNos: (Summary: act reasonable)
  1. Do not annoy others by swearing, insulting, asking for a/s/l or by speaking foreign languages unless it's absolutly necessary.
  2. Do not go rapid on typing (flooding).
  3. Do not WRITE IN CAPITALS ALL THE TIME. This counts as shouting and isnt liked very much.
  4. Do not repeat yourself repeat yourself. This is very annoying, especialy when the room is crowded.
  5. Do not repeatedly join/part the room.
  6. Do not advertise web-pages and/or other chatrooms.
  7. Do not provoke Operators to kick/ban you. They might do so. Asking for op counts as asking for being kicked.
  8. Do not join multiple times (cloning).
  9. Do not fake names of others. Faking operators is regarded as an attack and will get you banned as soon as noticed.
  10. Do not ask where you can download Futurama episodes