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Futurama Cancelled

True or not ?

There has been quite some rumour since someone left a note about this on our comment system. Well, it originated from a place with inside info in LA and I got word from two other people involved with the show. Either they are planning on some big PR stunt with this or ....

Here is my quick summary for those who didn't read above:


Rough Draft called its animators yesterday, telling them they'll need to find a new job as FOX hasn't picked up the show for season 5. I can't name our sources, but they are credible.

What do we do now?

Well, we need to contact the people who make the decisions. YOU need to contact the people who make the decisions.

This does involve writing a letter and having a stamp in case you live in the USA. So get that! Addresses and more to be announced as things emerge. In case you contact FOX by email, stay polite as you want something from them, not the other way round.

Update: An additional trustable and internal source verified our story. This is no Valentine's Joke. Stay tuned!

PS: CGEFs usual content will stay down while we look at what can be done. Only the main page and the comments will be accessible.
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