"Please give Futurama your consideration when deciding upon which shows will remain on the air! It is my favorite guilty pleasure! Best regards." -- Lisa K. Wiggs

"One of the best shows on TV. I cannot express the anger I feel when I've been waiting all afternoon on Sunday to watch Futurama, and then to see it pre-empted by sports post-game shows." -- Randy Varnell

"Just rediscovered Futurama recently on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim after never catching it on Fox - I'm now a fan!" -- John LeMay

"I'm not sexually attracted to anyone who works for FOX and if Futurama goes, I fear that I never will be." -- Steven Paul Myers

"Futurama is a great show. Ironically, I only recently really got into the program now that it's on Adult Swim, but it would be great if new episodes were made." - Simone

"Futurama is one of the few shows in an ocean of reality and lifestyle programming that I would go out of my way to watch. Channel 7 in Australia has given the show similar rough treatment and the DVD still sold out several times over Christmas." -- Toby Bramwell, Australia

"My husband and I love Futurama, please don't take it away. I'm having to subsist on nightly infusions of the reruns on Cartoon Network for now." -- K.C. Lemson

"Futurama is hysterically funny and extremely intelligent. It has more potential than any other prime time cartoon. With such a wide cast of characters, both regular and secondary, and the setting of the show being in the year 3000, there are few limits on where the show can go." -- Chris Boyne

"Futurama is the only series I have ever bought on DVD on the release date - both times." - S. J. Lock, UK

"Please don't allow this program to expire. There are few intelligent, warm, witty programs left on television. It would be wonderful to retain at least one of them, especially this one. Thank you." -- Sean Owens

"You really needs to take the time slot into consideration when making a determination about the success of a show. Giving Futurama a time during a period when the target audience for the show is not watching TV is like putting the Simpsons on at 3 am. The die hard Groening fans will find a way to watch it, but no one else will." -- Chris Plunk

"Please keep this show alive and prove that you are the best primetime animation forum on television" -- JP Jandu

"Airing young adult cartoons at 7PM always puzzled me. The highly fluctuating Sunday time slot prone to various pre-emptions seems to be perfect for unscripted clip-based shows which also tie in well with the lead-in sports demographic. Futurama needs a move past 9PM, predictable airing, a bit of promotion and above all: more production seasons." -- Marc Wichterich

"Greetings from the Futurama fan base in Germany. Please do not cancel the show as the Germans need some humour in their life!" -- David P. Codd, Germany

"It would be a shame to cancel such a funny and original show, which is only surpassed by The Simpsons. Please reconsider." -- Mike Gauthier

"Fantastic characters, perfect humour and some lovely visuals... Bring it back!" -- David Thomas

"If it hadn't been pre-empted by football so often, I believe the ratings would be better. I love football, but I also enjoy Futurama, and appeal to you to give it another season in a different time slot." - Teri Fahsl