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Historical Timeline:
  • Prelude:
       Sudden Strike
  • Chapter 1:
       Operation Wise Fox
       + sign petition
       + snail mail (!!)
       + email the fox
  • Chapter 2:
       Operation Publicity
       + spread the word!
  • Chapter 3:
       Enduring Defiance
       + email again
       + forward answers
       + Reports Feb 14th
  • Chapter 4:
       Distributed Influence
       + phone affiliates
       + mail affiliates
       + Reports Feb 15th
  • Chapter 5:
       Operation mailman
       + Fox Affiliates
       + Reports Feb 16th

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    Futurama Cancelled

    Chapter 2: Operation Publicity

    This one is easy. A battle won before they can unlocked their weapons: Tell people! Mail them, talk to them, no spamming, but tell them. Not only your brothers, aunt and friends, but also those who have effect on the masses like staff of popular media and gaming news sites. What to tell them? That they need to come here and enrol in our rows!

    Results: Brilliant! Our cause got mentioned at slashdot, fark, Ain't it cool news, lots of message boards and what do I know! Keep them coming. I still think the gaming sites could need some incentive to feature our cause. After all, gaming and Futurama public overlap quite some. Here is an incomplete list of sitescovering our case:
    2-12-2002 | [-mArc-] | Comments

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