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       Sudden Strike
  • Chapter 1:
       Operation Wise Fox
       + sign petition
       + snail mail (!!)
       + email the fox
  • Chapter 2:
       Operation Publicity
       + spread the word!
  • Chapter 3:
       Enduring Defiance
       + email again
       + forward answers
       + Reports Feb 14th
  • Chapter 4:
       Distributed Influence
       + phone affiliates
       + mail affiliates
       + Reports Feb 15th
  • Chapter 5:
       Operation mailman
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       + Reports Feb 16th

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    Futurama Cancelled

    Intro: In an heinous attempt to slaughter all boys of age 2 and below FOX Broadcasting Network missed their aim by a few inches and slashed the the TV show "Futurama" into bloody pieces. The aftermath left a public without a show to admire crying like a mother for her last son. Soon, word about this gruesome attack spread. In a struggle to stop Goliath this site - usually busy enjoying its life on green valleys playing with butterflies - was designated as the main shelter and at the same time command center of the screaming fans. A propaganda effort was started soon after and just a few hours later our ranks were filling. This campaign has only started.
    Disclaimer: this is not the actual truth, no butterflies were harmed and the baby boys were evil dwarves really.

    Feb 14th

    David X. Cohen, producer of Futurama, gave an interview on cinescape (it's featured as no1 story right now and mentions us). Here is a bit of what he has to tell:

    "Obviously, they are letting us go out of production which means we're going to lose all of our writers and probably all of our animators. In the event which is probably a long shot, but by no means zero chance that they do decide they do want more episodes down the line. A whole new team would have to be put together, which is a big task."
    Our words exactly.
    Cohen, who developed FUTURAMA with SIMPSONS genius Matt Groening, acknowledged the dire situation.
    "Itís not good news. It doesnít bode well," he conceded. "Itís the old Ďon hiatusí thing. Once youíre in that fabled hiatus you donít come out of it."
    And furthermore:
    "So write those letters," Cohen asked. "Gail Berman, president of Fox Network. And Sandy Grushow, chairman of Fox Entertainment group. Physical letters are considered more effective than emails."

    You don't want to defy his request, right? Addresses under Chapter 1.

    Chapter 3: Operation Enduring Defiance
    Don't forget to send those letters! They are key to our success. Here is some help for German and French fans. *Please* stay polite though. Same for the petition and emails. Speaking of emails... I got no answer, did you? Guess someone needs to mail again and ask what's up now.
    Our petition is going strong at 40,000 signatures in 2 days! Thanks to Mathieu for the screenshot. We are losing drive though as our initial news exposure in news headlines is fading (Update: zap2it.com links our cause as #1 TV story, thanks Vanessa). Now we need lasting support by people slapping a banner or button on their site. Thanks to Eric and Chris for the the graphics.
    If you actually got answer by askfox, mail it to me, but please use this link, so i can sort them here.

    FOX propaganda:
    FOX keeps telling that the show isn't cancelled but put on hiatus for a year till the backlog of episodes are aired. While there might be a show called Futurama being picked up in 2003 that won't be "our" Futurama as the original crew is leaving for other projects. Claudia Katz, famous owner of Daisy and Futurama Producer, says Rough Draft will survive by producing a short for Cartoon Network and another undisclosed project. Well, sure they won't close their doors, but again, a good chunk of the show's animators lose their contract and the writing crew is gone for new things soon. Our aim is to keep these people at the show as they made the show great.

    The olive branch?
    I'm not yet sure if this is good or bad, but Futurama will get a new timeslot. If it gets advertising, too this might be good. You'll see Futurama this sunday at 7PM as usual, showing "Leela's Homeworld" (trailer, careful, spoiler!). My crystal ball and email tells me Futurama will be on air at 9:30PM on Thursdays from Feb 28th onwards. Might or might not replace its Sunday timeslot or add to it which would be great to get the backlog of episodes aired, finally. But I'm not sure if this time slot is designated for reruns only...

    CGEF over.
    2-14-2002 | [-mArc-] | Comments

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