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Historical Timeline:
  • Prelude:
       Sudden Strike
  • Chapter 1:
       Operation Wise Fox
       + sign petition
       + snail mail (!!)
       + email the fox
  • Chapter 2:
       Operation Publicity
       + spread the word!
  • Chapter 3:
       Enduring Defiance
       + email again
       + forward answers
       + Reports Feb 14th
  • Chapter 4:
       Distributed Influence
       + phone affiliates
       + mail affiliates
       + Reports Feb 15th
  • Chapter 5:
       Operation mailman
       + Fox Affiliates
       + Reports Feb 16th

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    Futurama Cancelled

    Intro: In an heinous attempt to slaughter all boys of age 2 and below FOX Broadcasting Network missed their aim by a few inches and slashed the the TV show "Futurama" into bloody pieces. The aftermath left a public without a show to admire crying like a mother for her last son. Soon, word about this gruesome attack spread. In a struggle to stop Goliath this site - usually busy enjoying its life on green valleys playing with butterflies - was designated as the main shelter and at the same time command center of the screaming fans. A propaganda effort was started soon after and just a few hours later our ranks were filling. This campaign has only started.
    Disclaimer: this is not the actual truth, no butterflies were harmed and the baby boys were evil dwarves really.

    Feb 15th
    Rough drafts responses:
    I got mail by some of the people over at Rough Draft. Basically, they want to thank all the fans for their dedication and support. They are already busy printing those currently 45835 petition signatures.
    Our webby Jon ringed them up and asked what he could do. Their answer: go to gotfuturama.com So keep those letters coming in to:

    Ms. Gail Berman
    Building 100 Room 4450
    10201 W. Pico Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90035
    United States of America
    and Mr. Sandy Grushow
    Building 100 Room 5110
    10201 W. Pico Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90035
    United States of America

    But today it's time for a new task (in addition if you didn't send those letters yet):

    Chapter 4: Operation Distributed Influence
    This one is for our american audience only. As I didn't get a single answer by FOX forwarded yesterday, the rest can keep mailing them and ask for the show to stay in production.
    Now the Americans: It's time that you both call and write your local FOX affiliate. They can be used as an amplifier for our cause. Tell them that you want Futurama to air more frequently, more reliably and that you want that this show stays in production, not "hiatus of death". As always, stay polite. They are on our side. Specifically ask if it isn't possible to use the new time slot on Thursday 9:30PM to air a new episode in addition to the one on Sunday. So, ALL USA audience, go select your local affiliate (link sponsored by FOX) and make sure you call AND write. No threatening.

    We are going on air:
    TechTV wants to air a report about the cancellation, possibly on monday. But they need you! Well, if you live in SF and are some eloquent you might go on air for our cause. Mail me your name, age, bra size and some background info (fan since, education if any, etc.). I will forward it. Keep it short though.

    I will start covering more frequently asked questions here. Today: Futurama DVD. They are out in europe. If you have a PAL-savvy, region2 enabled System, you can buy them at amazon.co.uk for £32 or amazon.de for €35. They each include 13 episodes. One of the animators over at RD oracled that a US release could be in danger over the current situation. Don't hold your breath till Futurama is finally cancelled or syndicated.

    I need to start a new comment page, the last is getting too big ;)

    On a sidenote: Happy birthday anyway Matt!

    CGEF over.
    2-14-2002 | [-mArc-] | Comments

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