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Historical Timeline:
  • Prelude:
       Sudden Strike
  • Chapter 1:
       Operation Wise Fox
       + sign petition
       + snail mail (!!)
       + email the fox
  • Chapter 2:
       Operation Publicity
       + spread the word!
  • Chapter 3:
       Enduring Defiance
       + email again
       + forward answers
       + Reports Feb 14th
  • Chapter 4:
       Distributed Influence
       + phone affiliates
       + mail affiliates
       + Reports Feb 15th
  • Chapter 5:
       Operation mailman
       + Fox Affiliates
       + Reports Feb 16th

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    Futurama Cancelled

    Intro: In an heinous attempt to slaughter all boys of age 2 and below FOX Broadcasting Network missed their aim by a few inches and slashed the the TV show "Futurama" into bloody pieces. The aftermath left a public without a show to admire crying like a mother for her last son. Soon, word about this gruesome attack spread. In a struggle to stop Goliath this site - usually busy enjoying its life on green valleys playing with butterflies - was designated as the main shelter and at the same time command center of the screaming fans. A propaganda effort was started soon after and just a few hours later our ranks were filling. This campaign has only started.
    Disclaimer: this is not the actual truth, no butterflies were harmed and the baby boys were evil dwarves really.

    Petition reaches 60k:
    The petition has reached a new mile stone: 60 000 people signed it and it looks like it's still growing by the minute.

    Futurama Fans on the Air:
    We've gotten word from TechTV that the report about futurama will be aired on Tuesday:

    Tech Live 9 a.m., 4 p.m., 9 p.m. & 12 a.m. ET
    Tonight: 'Futurama' fans flock to Web

    And if you were wondering why we asked you to buy 6 letters and stamps:

    Chapter 5: Operation Mailman
    Ok this is the second part of the mailing campaign which we will call 'Operation Mailman'. It's now our duty to mail the Executive Vice President of programming; he decides what show will air on what day. The mission today is to send him a letter asking:

    A. For A better timeslot
    B. That thursday will be used as an additional timeslot to air new futurama episodes to the ones we get on sunday.
    C. If it isn't possible to start futurama in september next year instead of the too late december and NOT at the 7PM timeslot.

    Airing futurama after Sports is nonsense anyway, they'd better use the 7PM timeslot for shows like eating contests (no kidding) and clip based programs and give futurama the timeslot it deserves. Okay enough with the talking. It's time for action, take your pen and write your letter to the following person : (be sure to stay polite, remember we want a favor from them)

    Mr. David Nevins
    Executive Vice President, Programming
    Fox Broadcasting Company
    10201 W. Pico Blvd.
    Bldg. 100, Room 4510
    Los Angeles, CA 90035 U.S.A

    Don't forget to mail the two other heads over at FOX!

    It might also be interesting for our campaign that you call up your friends who don't have internet and tell them to send letters. And for the ones who did not yet send out their letters last time read chapter 1 again.

    Small summary of what to do today:
    1) Mail Mr David Nevins (VERY IMPORTANT)
    2) Mail the people from chapter one if you haven't already.
    3) No response from fox? Email them again and if you live in america call or write your local Fox Affiliate
    4) Call your friends who have not sent out their letters because they don't have internet and tell them about it.
    5) If you haven't already, sign the petition

    Okay, I'm done for today. Now all I have to do is spell check this and drink a martini.

    For more news check our mainpage.

    2-16-2002 | Andie | Comments

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