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Futurama Comics Reviews

Comics #6

Release Date: 10/24/01

Xmas time is Fear / H.G. Blob in Revenge of the Blob.
It's the most horrifying time of the year again as the gang at Planet Express prepare for the robot Santa Claus' annual ""slay"" ride. But President Nixon's head has announced that Santa's been reprogrammed to be nice this Christmas, and to prove it, the robot's going to deliver presents to anybody willing to await his arrival in Times Square on Christmas Eve. Has Santa really changed his evil ways? Or is there a plot afoot more insidious than a movie by Oliver Stone's head? And what does all this have to do with Bender winning a lifetime supply of Olde Fortran? Find out who's really being naughty and nice!

# of Reviews: 28   Rating: 73%

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#11 by Fierce Deity
blegh. the only mildly interesting thing about this comic was that the cover on the site is diffrent to mine. beg me to scan it.

Fierce Deity gave 2 points

#12 by jakem

jakem gave 4 points

#13 by Ryk
Eh ... glad to see all the supporting characters but I've just never found the Santa Claus thing to be as freakin hilarious as everyone else. The most recent episode was great with Kwanzaabot, the gay elves and the best musical number since Robot Hell, but it's still not a big deal to me.

Ryk gave 3 points

#14 by Sofya
Bender allways cool!!!!!!

Sofya gave 5 points

#15 by James
This is a wonderful issue that just falls short of perfection. The artwork is BRILLIANT, and all the characters are on top form too, the only weak point is the story. I'm not saying it's bad, as it's far more enjoyable than issue 2 for example, it just isn't that interesting. Don't get me wrong i like this issue alot, but it feels like something is missing.

James gave 4 points

#16 by Otis P Jivefunk
I really liked this issue, probabaly because it uses some of my favorite characters such as Beelzebot. It was clool seeing the Robot Mafia too, who I feel sadly weren't used as much as they could have been during the series. Also, I loved the way Beelzebot was introduced in this issue, with all the shadows over his face, very effective. The story was alright, pretty decent, but not amazing. But some really neat artwork and detailed frame compositions helped make up for that. Overall I'd say it's about a 4.5, but I'll round it up.

Otis P Jivefunk gave 5 points

#17 by Futurama Freak!
I liked this one. It was better than number 5. Could anyone tell me what happens in number 8??? I have not read that one yet.

Futurama Freak! gave 5 points

#18 by Elias
I am a late reviewer, as this is my first time purchasing a Futurama comic. What can I say I? I needed something to fill the void before season 4 of Futurama comes out on DVD in August of 2004. Personally I thought the comic was great as a whole. It seemed as though the people of Bongo took on one of the animators from its cartoon counterpart to illustrate the pages of what is a beautiful looking book. I also loved the cameos made by some of the minor characters. Especially Barkeep, Scruffy, and Fender. Little touches like that brought the comic to life.

The story as someone pointed out earlier, was rather lacking in certain areas but it was still nice to see that the writers did their best to capture each character's sayings, like Hermes', "SWEET BANDICOOT OF BEIRUT! What is THAT supposed to be, Fry?" or Morbo's, "Morbo DEMANDS bleah bleah bleah" rants. Okay, so the second of the two examples was a tad bit weak on my part. What can I say I was too lazy to look for a more appropriate quote for my review. Nonetheless it was still an enjoyable read.

And to those who say this comes short of its cartoon counterpart, just be happy that we have a Futurama comic book.

Atleast with these issues we get to still enjoy the Futurama-verse after its cancellation. Curse you FOX! *pumps his fist in the air* CURSE YOU!!!

Elias gave 5 points

#19 by Omicron Persei 8
"Xmas Time Is Fear" was an average and enjoyable issue. While not like #5, this one has great moments involving th Robot Santa. A must for Futurama fans.

Omicron Persei 8 gave 4 points

#20 by Toad
Ah! On Issue 5 I accidentally did the email adress with a capital! Its obviously no capitals! No e-mails so far... boo,hoo. I'm emailing everyone that I find on here... why, I don't know. The comic seems fab, but I've borrowed it from a friend, but only for a few minutes. Only flicked through it, poop. I want this comic. E-MAIL ME! For Future refrence, I'm Ryan Brown. If emailing me, put 'To Toad' please!

Toad gave 3 points
03/26/05 | eMail

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