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Futurama Comics Reviews

Comics #8

Release Date: 03/27/02

Planet X-Press Men.
Be it hallucination, dream, or just wishful thinking, the Planet Express crew don tights, manifest extraordinary mutant powers, and get real ornery (and it isn't even time for lunch yet!). But when they discover a stranger in their midst, will the Professor, Wonder Boy, Uniclops, the Weather Mon, Lobstrosity, and Rouge embrace him with open arms, or cast him out into a hate-filled world intolerant of anyone who is different (or can drink a keg of Olde Fortran in one sitting)? Get ready for furious, fist-fightin', futuristic fun with the Planet Express Men!

# of Reviews: 32   Rating: 78%

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#21 by jess

jess gave 5 points
10/03/04 | eMail

#22 by Fryorama
Cries and it started out os well. Just when I was starting to get really into it and wondering how in the world they were going to wrap it all up tehy end it with a lame dream sequence. Who else found that the worst ending ever?

I loved everyone in this. I'm a fan of paradys and enjoyed seeing the Planet Express as X-Men. Bender was a bit nicer than usual while Hermes was meaner. It struck me a little odd.

Probably the best part was the art though. It was a feast for my eyes. I love it!

I would give it a 2 but the art was too amazing.

Fryorama gave 3 points

#23 by Ecco 1980
I absolutely LOVED this comic! It is a very creative idea to have the Planet Express crew "transform" into the Planet X-Press Men. I LOVE the X-men movies and LOVED how they really thought about which Futurama character to play which X-men character. Leela is "Cyclops" (LOVE it! Cyclops in the comics/movies is a guy, but of course for obvious reasons they made Leela Cyclops), Fry is Phoenix (hee hee - also loved how technically Fry and Leela would be married, because the X-men characters Cyclops and Phoenix are married!), Zoidberg is Nightcrawler, Bender is Wolverine, Hermes is Storm, Amy is Rogue, and I LOVE how the Professor is "Professor Charles Xavier" of course! And Mom as Magneto - such a clever all-around comic! At this point in time, I've read and own Comics #1-#9, and this X-men one is my favorite so far!

Ecco 1980 gave 5 points
03/22/05 | eMail

#24 by Toad
Gosh, shock, gasp, horror! Only a 2! That's because some people are sick of spiffs. Well, I'm not, I just like Marvel. Sorry, I promised somebody I'd always stand up for Marvel! And who the hell said 'Nuff said' in the preview of the one before this? That's Stan Lee's catchphrase! He's Marvel master! But... it was good. (E-mail me, damn you, e-mail me!!!)

Toad gave 2 points
03/26/05 | eMail

#25 by sami
Its wasnt the best futurama but it was ok. I didnt really like ending because after we find out its all a dream, they even copied x-men which was a bit silly. HAVE BONGO RAN OUT OF IDEAS

sami gave 3 points

#26 by FryFan
This was the first issue I ever purchased, and i hope to get the previous issue's by mail order. Not having read x-men though, i reaqlized this issue was a spectacular parody of it, with stunning art and creative names for the 'known' futurama characters.

FryFan gave 4 points

#27 by futurama like boys
u all suck and you all like boys especially you matt groening ha review this 1 bitch HAHA MUAHAHAHAHA!!! im evil u kno i am iwill killl yo wife an kids

futurama like boys gave 1 point

#28 by zoidberg fan
I tought the whole super-hero thing was really cool, even tough i'm not a big fan of x-men.There were a few jokes about zoidberg and i really liked how each planet express member was turned into an x man like bender was wolverine, leela was cyclops, amy was rouge, Mom was magneto , hermes was storm and the professor was professor x. I'm not sure who zoidberg and fry were supposed to be. The ending was REALLY REALLY REALLY stupid.It Brought the whole comic down and it was really an easy way to end the comic the writers probably ran out of ideas.

zoidberg fan gave 4 points

#29 by tony
i like that comic.

tony give 5 points

tony gave 5 points

#30 by Action-world
I REALLY enjoyed this. i liked it how you put in action at the end and end before that. i liked it how you renamed Amy, Bender, Leela, Fry, Zoidberg and Hermes, you have made 1 good comic.

Action-world gave 5 points
08/10/06 | eMail

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