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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Bend Her
First aired 07/20/03
Rank: 101/124
Reviews: 313
Rating: 72%

Bender gets to know the advantages and disadvantages of being a fembot. As a fembot. The sex change allows him to take part in the robot Olympics.

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#91 by Data
Not very funny. And very sexist, too.

Data gave 1 point

#92 by President of Robonia
the subplots again made it worth the 5. Zoidberg(Welcome to my life, Trying to catch food, I'm a doctor,she's dead)Hermes and LaBarbara, and Farnsworth describing the symptoms of womanhood.

Episodes without a Fry plot and/or subplot don't seem to work to we'll. Episodes like Godfellas not only had Bender becoming and meeting God, but Fry and Leela's subplot. This had a Bender plot, and a Hermes subplot which died after the first act. NO MORE BENDER EPISODES AND THERES GONNA BE 3 IN A ROW! what are they thinking!

But again Some Bender lines we're funny and the magic combo of Hermes and Zoidy made it a 5. And the whole wedding thing.

President of Robonia gave 5 points

#93 by edel
This was pretty subpar, even for a Bender episode. I didn't have my hopes set too high from the description, but I still expected it to prove me wrong. It didn't. Zoidberg was funny this time, and I liked the bit with Hermes competing in the limbo championship. But it went downhill after the beginning.

I consider Futurama to be a step above the rest of what's on tv, but this was stale sitcom-style "we're out of ideas, so we'll put a guy in a dress and hope it's funny". I love Futurama for its offbeat humor, which was lacking in this episode.

The "haha, men are jerks and women have emotions" jokes have been done to death. It's what standup comedians fall back to when they run out of out of good material. Whatever will they make fun of next? Airplane food?

There wasn't even a real subplot, since the Hermes thing was over after the first five minutes. I'd say this beats out 300 Big Boys for worst of the season. At least that episode had more laughs. Bender dancing around and shaking his assets just didn't cut it for me.

I can only hope the next few episodes are better. After all the great episodes this season, it'd be sad for the series to end on such a low note.

edel gave 1 point

#94 by Tissot
Quoting Lrrr what he thought about this episode:

-"Bender stole my heart as a single manbot crock, and so shall he remain, or else i will raise your computer tempature by a thousand degress per day, for 5 days."

Tissot gave 2 points

#95 by Josh
Bender with Femmzoil. Almost crapped my pants.

Loved Bender's last line and Zoidberg randomly eating on the floor. I hardly think it deserves such a low rating.

Josh gave 5 points

#96 by Joe
I thought the episode was most humorous. Bender does it again.

Joe gave 5 points

#97 by chris
this is very rare for me to rate a episode like this. when i first saw it and thought. Bender? a sex change? Worst episode ever! but then i thought about it with hermes and the Olympic's which i liked and Ziodberg was great! also the little skit at the end. but the rest was just sick! i honestly wanted to rate it a 3 but i knew there would be a lot of upset people so i said ahhh what heck why not a 4!

For Zoidberg!

chris gave 4 points

#98 by PlatinumRalf
Didnt have enough fry. Wasn't bad in any sense, but could have been better. Seems that any episode focusing on just one character isnt enough I liked Three Hundred Big Boys because it focused on several characters. Good episode though, a four.

PlatinumRalf gave 4 points

#99 by Matthew Zoidberg
Most hilarious ever. Even better than Lucy Lu-bot and Bender as God the other two best. Well maybe Bender as God was still a little better, but this was an insta-classic.

Matthew Zoidberg gave 5 points

#100 by Coilette
Are you people on crack? This was very funny... just because it doesn't have Fry and Leela getting it on, doesn't mean it's not a good episode...

Coilette gave 5 points

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