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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

The Farnsworth Parabox
First aired 06/08/03
Rank: 3/124
Reviews: 435
Rating: 93%

Curiosity leads the Planet Express cats into a parallel universe, where they and their counterparts suspect the other is the evil version.

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#91 by Blinky
A pretty good episode. I thought that it was all spread a bit too thin as EVERYONE got a moment to just talk to their parallel selves, even if it wasn't incredibly interesting. They're definitely pulling out all stops on the Fry/Leela thing even though it seems like they begin every episode from the same place and end it in the same place. It starts out with Leela none too interested and Fry desperate and ends with Leela realizing Fry's not so bad and worth a shot. They did it three times this season alone (Why of Fry, The Sting, Farnsworth Parabox) and roughly a million times in past memory (Time Keeps on Slipping, Love and Rocket, etc.) JUST GO SOMEWHERE WITH IT ALREADY!


Blinky gave 4 points

#92 by thewhyofthisguy

thewhyofthisguy gave 5 points

#93 by Mr. F
hated it!

Mr. F gave 1 point

#94 by dani
This was an awesome episode. I loved all the surrealism of it, with the swirly-colored sky. the futurama cast x 2 resulted in humour x 2. And I swear I started belly-laughing when hermes's "fat head" got stuck in the box that was one of the universes. However, I didn't like this as much as I liked the sting, so the highest rating I can give it is a 4.

dani gave 4 points

#95 by Futurific
"Satan! You owe me one!"
Sounds like something a Fox executive would say, but I'll cut you some slack, Farnsworth :P.

Futurific gave 5 points

#96 by pitabsting
I've never reviewed before but I've been visiting this site for some time and have read many of the reviews of other (and I've seen all the eps and consider myself a big fan). Wanted to add my voice to those that appreciate 'Rama and want the a-holes at Fox to know it....

So, I liked this ep and the last one very much. This one in particular was smart writing that didn't sacrifice humor at all. Of course I love it when they play to the followers, so my favorite from last night.... the simutaneous, extraneous "DOOOOOMMMED" from BenderA and Bender1, which I guess on it's own is not funny, but to me was hilarious!

Did y'all notice how Frye's clothes shrunken and tight for the scene where he and Bender went into the steamy vents in the PE building and attempted to steal the box?

Looks like they're going out in style. Superb, 5.

pitabsting gave 5 points

#97 by BaronK
I loved it! The concept of parallels have always appealled to me and it was great to see Futurama's take on the subject! The Zoidberg bits were the best, as always!

BaronK gave 5 points

#98 by valis
this episode is yet another example of why this show should not be canceled.

Not _quite_ up there with my favorites (luck of the Fryish, alls well thats roswell) but close.

Without question the prettiest animation ever in a prime time tv show.

valis gave 4 points

#99 by Spencer
Great episode! I love the "Meanwhile in UNIVERSE-A, HERMES-A heads toward the SUN....-A" Also, near the ending makes it sound definate Fry and Leela will get married. The near end of the episode stated Fry and Leela will date, and when the paralell version of Fry and Leela dated, they got married.

Spencer gave 5 points

#100 by rjb
Awesome ep, I'm glad they didn't resort to some cheesy evil twin paralell plot, everyone was just slightly different than the usual way they were screwed up, but they were still screwed up.
Fave line: Bite My Glorious Golden ASS!!

rjb gave 5 points

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