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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Proposition Infinity
First aired 07/08/10
Rank: 110/124
Reviews: 181
Rating: 68%

Bender leads a campaign to legalize robosexual marriage between humans and robots.

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#91 by Bob Smith
Great episode!

Bob Smith gave 5 points

#92 by Kornography
Alright, I watched this again, and it was ALOT better the second time around. Like alot of people are saying, this is definitley the most "Futurama"-esque episode so far this season. It's a shame that it has this low of a score.

Kornography gave 5 points

#93 by Mennoknight
Well, I have to admit that after 4 episodes of the new season, I'm kinda finding my hopes dashed. I was hoping that the new episodes would have character development and adventure and creativity and new craziness, but I'm instead getting constant sex jokes and social commentary that's as subtle as a punch in the face (and about as thoughtful).

I'm growing weary of sex jokes, lowbrow humor and myopic social commentary; many elementary school kids think penis jokes are always hilarious and blindly bashing the social order "makes people think". Many elementary school kids are wrong.

Skilled writers and talented comedians can get their content off the bottom shelf and deliver some intelligent or clever writing without needing to make constant sexual references or force feed me their thoughtless reflections on social issues.

I wasn't a fan of this episode at all, but here's hoping that episode 5 isn't such a dud.

Mennoknight gave 2 points

#94 by iceman
Something has definitely been lost in the transition to Comedy Central. One of the reasons I liked the show was because it took a different approach than alot of other "adult" cartoons in that they didn't have to resort to the really crude jokes to be funny. I also wish they would go back to having more politically neutral episodes. That being said, this was probably the best new episode in my opinion. The Bender/Amy dynamic was a little strange, but it definitely had the the classic Futurama feel to it.

iceman gave 4 points

#95 by derfos
I thought the stand-alone jokes were as good as back in the day, but the plot was awful. Since when does Futurama start moralizing? And why do they suddenly decide that gay marriage (the issue they are parodying) is as simple as "the only reason I'm against you is that I'm a closet case". Futurama was about making fun of the issues themselves, not the position the writer disagrees with...

However, the jokes were absolutely wonderful, from the dumb ones (It is now 4:00 am!) to the clever ones (look a single mother, let's get her)

derfos gave 4 points

#96 by MadCap
Well, I haven't decided quite what to make of this new season. Amy and Kif's breakup, you felt was forced, apart from the end of "Beast With A Billion Backs" they've always been so much in love. It was like, out of the blue, she hated everything about him. Bender's motivation seemed odd, wasn't he just calling human/robot unions an "attrosamacy" in "So I Dated..." Then it turned into a tollerance parable.

Don't get me wrong, I liked the funny parts, and, any time we get to see Amy naked is fine by me.

I agree with the other reviewer who said the real Bender would have married her, then got one of those quickie Neptunian divorces and taken her to the cleaners!

MadCap gave 3 points

#97 by Jonathan
I liked more than 6x03 and more than 6x02, and 6x01 was awesome too
But this one had lots of cameos and fast jokes
But one of the most hilarious part of the episode was the protest, with "stand up for equality!" for the pro-infinity, and "fall down and be unable to get up for traditional marriage!"
just clasic!

Jonathan gave 4 points

#98 by Mick
How do a human and a robot... you know?
The idea was a bit weird, but this is probably the best this season. But at least it had a complete story!

You wouldn't know perversion if it put clamps on your testicles!

Mick gave 4 points

#99 by Matt
Best episode of the season by far, though that's a little like winning a footrace against a field of amputees.

Still pales in comparison to Futurama's best, but at least this episode was actually funny, and not jarringly un-Futurama.

Matt gave 3 points

#100 by Good News Nobodys
Great vibe in this ep! . . the thing that lets Futurama be more "cartoony" than The Simpsons is being set in a wide-open future . . that's why Hermes' circucitis worked for me but without the overboard grossness of the last ep's goat which was also "cartoony" in its vile way.

Futurama has been preachy before (the ep others mentioned that includes "I dated a robot!" was actually "Don't steal creative works," right?) . . so I don't mind that.

Loved "Forbidden Planet Hollywood," the tempest-in-a-martini glass thundercloud drinks, that beautiful wide-screen HD view of the New Brooklyn Bridge, "I guess we should have waited in the ship," "no brokebacking," "hopes . . deleted" "escape-proof workshop," esqwired magazine, "oh, I'm just glad I didn't live to see this day . . wait a second . . no-o-o-o!" "I'm just a pre-op transformer"

The way this episode would have felt more like the first Futurama seasons would be to have a celebrity head with some great funny lines . . what? It did? . . Hurray!

Good News Nobodys gave 4 points

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