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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

A Clockwork Origin
First aired 08/12/10
Rank: 66/124
Reviews: 135
Rating: 81%

The theory of evolution is put to the test on a planet inhabited by robots.

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#91 by Otis P Jivefunk
Another strange ep. Probably not quite as good as I was hoping, but it had its moments. Cubert was being a brat again, but I like that. The evolution robot planet thing seemed slightly too weird for me. The robotic dinosaurs were clool though, and the ending was good.

Otis P Jivefunk gave 3 points

#92 by Rain
Had some good jokes, but it was hard to understand some stuff in it and the plot could have been better.

Rain gave 4 points

#93 by Uncle!
Good enough to remind us of the good olde Futurama!

Love the parallel universe!

Uncle! gave 4 points

#94 by Chunk
Planet Express is a delivery company isn't it? When is the crew going to start going to differnt planets and making deliveries again? But apparently the writers have forgotten that somehow. Anyway average episode.

Chunk gave 3 points

#95 by Havoc
The end of the "trial" on the robotplanet seemed a bit unfinished, but all in all this episode was very nice.

Havoc gave 4 points

#96 by Ragnarok
Another classic. Lots of thick irony, and an excellent discussion of Creationism vs. Evolution (as in, it was fair and balanced rather than full of hyperbole and stilted to one side). It admits at the end that it's possible for both sides to be right (within reason, see: Creation Museum), but it also admits that the argument is, in the long run, trivial.

For those arguing against the topicality, I think it's refreshing and it ties in with part of the original manifest of the show to use the exaggerated setting of the future to point out via Reductio Ad Absurdum exactly how crazy/pointless some of our current-day issues/ideas are.

In this case, the 'topical' issue being addressed is something extremely important in many scientific and theological fields, similar to the previously mentioned Stem Cells. It's the kind of thing that the show SHOULD be addressing! You wouldn't have the freedom to make these shows in any other medium.

To those who didn't get the Zoidberg joke: It's funny because Zoidberg goes to extreme lengths to gain Cubert's approval, and once he has it he no longer wants it. In fact, he actually hates him.

Again, great episode. Haters can suck on a Space Lemon.

Ragnarok gave 5 points

#97 by Juanes
Dude that's the most nitpicky thing you could possibly say. Think about the original run of the series and tell me how often the episode was based around a delivery. The FACT is that each season only averages 3 or 4 delivery based episodes. None of the best episodes of the show are based on deliveries, so seriously, clam it or I'll clamp it. With THE CLAMPS

Great episode. 5

Juanes gave 5 points

#98 by jaron

jaron gave 5 points

#99 by LolKatz!
Dan Vebber is definitely one of the best writers on Futurama. Great Ep.

LolKatz! gave 5 points

#100 by MagicalHamster
I liked the character of Dr. Banjo. I hope we get to see him again.

I though this episode was of average quality...I think I liked the Cats episode better because you could just enjoy the absurdity without having the spectre of a potential Aesop in the background.

MagicalHamster gave 3 points

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