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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

A Taste Of Freedom
First aired 12/22/02
Rank: 87/124
Reviews: 173
Rating: 78%

After ridding the earth from close to all anchovies, the Crustatians - Zoidberg's race - invade make another invasion.

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#101 by -
bad message.

- gave 1 point

#102 by Hugh Mann
I agree with those who praised this episode because it features Dr Zoidberg so prominently. Can't get a nuff of that crustacean already!

Hugh Mann gave 4 points

#103 by Goki
I dont know what it was, but that episode seemed to be lacking something. Probably one of the more disappointing episodes this season.

Goki gave 3 points

#104 by Cheese It!
"You can crush me, but you can't crush my spirit!"


"Arghh! My spirit!"

I liked this episode a lot. It had a lot of Dr. Zoidberg. He rocks!

Cheese It! gave 4 points

#105 by Icehouseman
Apology accepted, just don't let it happen again. Just another great Zoidberg episode. Not only was Zoidberg funny, but he made a great point. Zapp and Kiff were back to their usual antics. Kiff is funnier when he's the passive-agressive second in command than Amy's pansy boyfriend. Plus nude hottubing with Amy and Leela would be fun.

Icehouseman gave 5 points

#106 by Mike
Zoidberg is very good in this episode, but as a whole it felt kinda bland. It had some funny moments:
"Sparks keep me warm..."
"I was hatin' Zoidberg before it was cool!"
and all those flashbacks about Zoidberg's life without freedom....
but all in all, this was a bland episode, although not a bad one.

Mike gave 3 points

#107 by Judith
Some very good moments, but I prefer the ones that aren't so political.

Judith gave 4 points

#108 by zoidpharb
i like zoidberg more when hes a lonely poor looser whose race doesnt rule earth

zoidpharb gave 3 points

#109 by go to goko
awesomly cool!

go to goko gave 5 points

#110 by Fan #uncountable
I think this episode is awesome. (Not that it appeared on screen just now in Germany, but I didn't know about this site before).
It shows what a lot of people know, but are afraid of telling. It's the knowledge that freedom, as it is told us, does not exist, neither in the U.S. nor in the rest of the world.
M. Groening managed to show this at a parody like way by looking on the -sometimes exaggerated- kind of american patriotism.
I don't want to sound critical about that, but it's a fact that in Futurama (as in Simpsons as well) the staff, leaded by Groening, is criticizing some important countries of our world and therefore the (different) political systems.
That's what I like Futurama for, and I'm very sorry to hear that it's not produced anymore. Sorry to sayy so, but the main part of the people is not smart enough to check what's behind the series.
Futurmaa 4ever!

P.S. To all non-english fans: Please, take the original version, no translating!

Fan #uncountable gave 5 points

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