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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

The Why Of Fry
First aired 04/06/03
Rank: 10/124
Reviews: 353
Rating: 91%

Once again the Nibblonians need Fry's help to save the universe.

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#101 by lelas' lover

lelas' lover gave 5 points

#102 by Keefe
cool idea for an episode.

Keefe gave 5 points

#103 by Danny Jr.
This may be our final episode of the series. Hopefully Fox will air us the rest of the season or at least some more episodes than 8. Well I still have a lot of catching up to do with ep. from the past seasons. I have the first Volume on DVD. It's been great! My personal thoughts about this ep. are that is was great. Though, I've never seen those brains before in Futurama. I'm so mad at myself for missing the first 8 minutes. I was so mad. Hopefully Fox will reun it, probably not. Overall, it was great. It ws great to see Nibbler. I have not seen him in a while. Oh yeah and the kiss at the end was great. Overall, it was a good season. I didn't get to see a few episodes because of the football games. My top ep. of the season would be Jurassic Bark, Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdlers, and this one. We can only hope that Fox will show us more episodes. More episodes. We demand more episodes! Long Live Futurama and it's creators.
P.S.-I hope Fry and Leela will hook up!

Danny Jr. gave 5 points

#104 by David
I liked this episode, but I would rather went on thinking Fry went into the future just because he was an idiot....... Although technically he did... But there was one error. In one of the "Tales of Intrest!", Fry asked what would happen if he didn't fall into the cryo-tube. If Nibbler had failed in freezing him, why didn't he just try again? Other than that, the episode was great.

David gave 4 points

#105 by fdr
good episode....I find it cool that this must have been planned from the first episode because when fry falls in and gets frozen, you can clearly see nibler's shadow on ground beside the chair. You can also see nibler's eyeball in the garbage can and his and fry's shadow under the desk in Jurassic Bark. Awesome Writting!!!!

fdr gave 5 points

#106 by BENDER
This was the best episode I have seen In a long time!I captured it so if anyone wants it you can email me or come on IRC using an undernet server do a /whois bender and join a chan he is in. Bender is Great!

BENDER gave 5 points

#107 by kiran_mk2
Great episode. Everything is starting to come together as the series is comming to an end. One thing I though would happen is that Fry would order the pizza for I.C.Weiner cos in Space Pilot 3000 he says "by this point in my life I always thought I'd be the one making crank calls". That would have been nicely ironic.
We in the UK are getting Season 3 in June so we may get Season 4 by Xmas and so see the final7 eps before Fox show them!

kiran_mk2 gave 5 points

#108 by BigWhoop
It was good but not great.
A fine "Back to the Future" episode but not an amazing one. Compared to other episodes that explored Fry's past, it doesn't have the emotion of "Luck of the Fryish" or "Jurassic Bark" and it doesn't have the humor of "Roswell that ends well"... The story feels a bit forced, it tries to be as cool as the episodes I just cited but doesn't really manage to be. Also, it relied too much on the episode "The Day the earth stood stupid" and as a result offered very few surprising moments... It was still pretty damn good but I just feel it could have been much better!

BigWhoop gave 4 points

#109 by Ben
This was a great episode, the best of the season in my opinion. It was very funny without needing to use much Bender or Zoidberg, had a big-time Leela/Fry moment and even though the #2 plot wasn't great, it didn't get in the way of things. I think it's episodes like this show that why Futurama is the best cartoon on television by a long shot.

"Yes, except the Dave Matthews Band does not rock."

Ben gave 5 points

#110 by Robo THE ROBOT HOBO
not the funniest episode i have seen but, i like the new twist on nibbler, and the new suprise, seems like fry falling off the chair was not a mistake after all and he did have some meaning, but i dont want to give anything away, it has somewhat changed the series, some might like it some might not. some parts were a little confusing, but it was supposed to be that way

Robo THE ROBOT HOBO gave 5 points

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