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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Where No Fan Has Gone Before
First aired 04/21/02
Rank: 50/124
Reviews: 286
Rating: 84%

Fry is put on trial for his life for traveling to the forbidden planet of Omega 3 to retrieve all 79 episodes of "Star Trek", and he must defend the claim that human kind needs "Star Trek" to give them hope for the future.

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#101 by g0tc0rN??
This is the second best episode the best is "Godfellas" Bus its real good anyway...

g0tc0rN?? gave 5 points

#102 by Mary
I love Star Trek so this episode was hilarious. I was rolling on the floor by the time it was over, especially when Shatner started with the Real Slim Shady thing.

Mary gave 5 points

#103 by Malfunctioning Eddie
futurama is one of my all-time favorite tv shows, and this was a great ep... except for the lack of continuity. throughout the previous seasons, there have been numerous direct refences to star trek ("Hey Spock, do the thing!", the star trek internet debate fry and leela walk by ) with no one making a ruckus about the series being banned. also, what about the other 4 star trek series and TNG movies?
i also loved the beeps, the excessively-loud rumble when welshy jumped onto the ground, and "i'm literally angry with rage!"

hey dane i got the scotty-welshy thing too.

Malfunctioning Eddie gave 3 points

#104 by Cameron
Quite Possibly the best episode ever written!

"Do you mean the mass migration of Star Wars Fans?"
"No that was the Star Wars Trek."

"All Power to the Engines!"

"Say it in Russian!... Now say 'Nuclear Wessles'"

"We decided to work together."
"So did they."

And the greatest line ever:
"Yes! Front row!"

Cameron gave 5 points

#105 by Neil Wright
Very funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neil Wright gave 5 points

#106 by Scott
A classic and wonderful tribute to Trek. Shatner's rendition of Slim Shady was hilarious.

"I think I've done enough conventions to know how to spell Melllvar." LOL!

Scott gave 5 points

#107 by nuna
i'm a trek fan so obviously i loved this one. I caught a bunch of references to the old series. great!!!!!!!!!!

nuna gave 5 points

#108 by Cutedge
Easily one of Futurama's best. Futurama earned my attention for being so funny by catering to a niche audience (ie: us) and this episode continues that in a hilarious way.

Cutedge gave 5 points

#109 by Marie
I don't know exactly why, but I didn't like this episode very much. It was boring somehow and my fave character - Zoidberg -, who always makes everyone laugh, was missing. But I also liked Melllwar and his mother("He is not a child! He is thirty four ..."). So I gave 3 points.

Marie gave 3 points

#110 by Darksaber
What a guest cast! I love it despite my lack of appreciation for the original star trek. I had heard that this was the last episode. Thankfully it is still going for at least a 5th season.

Darksaber gave 5 points

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