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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

First aired 06/24/10
Rank: 120/124
Reviews: 222
Rating: 54%

Leela and Zapp Brannigan find themselves stranded on an Eden-like planet.

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#101 by 420dude
This episode felt like a rejected old plot from what could have been the first Zapp and Leela story, rebirth indeed. More like rehash, Matt G. proabably pushed for this since it was his ten year old idea.

420dude gave 3 points

#102 by Treps
I have to say that this one is my least favorite of them all. The characters were out of character, the story wasn't that good... and the jokes could have been written for any other episode. This isn't Futurama as we used to know. I hope the next episodes will be better... This one lacked any logic. Just as an example... Earth "blow up" and Leela says that there are no humans left... what about Mars and all the other planets. Is Leela the stupid one, now?

Treps gave 1 point

#103 by Duders
Fantastic follow up to the premiere. Full of classic lines and Zapp being his usual idiotic self. Loved it!

Duders gave 5 points

#104 by Captain Crawdad
By far one of the worst episode's of Futurama. The worst part is that Rebirth was so hilarious and was a perfect return to the series. The writer of this episode had clearly not seen the rest of the series and all of the characters seemed incredibly wooden, generic, and out of character, with their lines easily deliverable by anyone. Not to mention the pointlessness of the snake. The ending of Leela and Zap having sex was unnecessary and made no sense at all. It was all very forced and boring. I really hope they pull it together.

Captain Crawdad gave 1 point

#105 by viewer
"#40 by Lockley
Overall I'd have to say I enjoyed Rebirth much more than this. I expected more from a Zapp centered episode. The first 5 minutes were excellent, but then it fell in to a bit of a lull, just to end with Leela having sex with Zapp in front of Fry. Not to be overly sentimental, but the show has always had heart in the past, and after all we went through to finally see Fry and Leela together and in love, this ending felt like a slap in the face from the writers. If it had served the plot at all I could have tried to look past it, but it made little sense in the context of the weak story. I guess episode 3 will start with Fry getting a "quick and painless" in the nearest suicide booth."

my thoughts exactly, people who stuck with this show have developed an emotional connection to fry, and it felt really like a slap and insulting.

viewer gave 1 point

#106 by aen
as many said, way too sexualized! where the nerdity???

aen gave 2 points

#107 by Hellcat
Futurama plays heavily on classic science fiction movies and shows, and this episode started out no different with Zapp's dream sequences. The censorship satellite also hearkens back to Star Trek's "The Changeling" episode. So far this episode was promising. Then Zapp and Leela ended up naked.

What was the point of this? Fry and Leela are supposed to be in a relationship now, but it seems like the writers forgot this, or decided to throw it out the window. What would have been better is if Zapp actually changed his ways. Is a little character development so hard that the writer had to fall back on some old and tired sexual tension?

If this episode occurred sometime in the second or third season, it would seem appropriate. Now, it feels underdeveloped and out of place.

Hellcat gave 2 points

#108 by SureWin
Personally I can't stand Zapp, the only character in the show I dislike, I guess it's my inner Kif. So that's why the low rating, but still some funny one-liners. My hunch is this episode will be one of the weaker of season Six.

SureWin gave 2 points

#109 by Catman
Seems to me they couldn't come up with a decent ending.

Catman gave 2 points

#110 by Chris
Absolutely horrible. The single worst episode of the entire series to date. I was just shaking my head in disbelief for most of the episode.

Chris gave 1 point

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