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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Attack of the Killer App
First aired 07/01/10
Rank: 117/124
Reviews: 223
Rating: 59%

Fry posts an embarrassing video of Leela online.

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#101 by X
The promising first act is ruined by "Susan," the lowest point of the whole series.

X gave 2 points

#102 by AP
I liked it better than the first 2 episodes, BUT hated these two things:

1. Susan Boyle. That was South Park, as others have noted. Not Futurama. Stupid, dated, gross, not funny, and just plain bad. Poor form guys, this "joke" ruined an otherwise superb episode.
2. Fry and Leela's relationship went from them being together to just friends with NO discussion or resolution. VERY poor form and a real diss to the fans of their relationship. The Fry/Leela romance is one of the best written aspects of the show, but this single episode has thrown that away.

I actually didn't mind the goat so much, or the eyePhone humour, as the show has always had dated references (KidNapster, Single Female Lawyer)

AP gave 3 points

#103 by Uni
This episode was better than the 2nd but still pretty bad.

The constant already dated jokes about the IPhone and Twitter, and the horrid Susan Boil and two headed goat idea leave me very disappointed.

This from the height of the show with classic lines such as "The winner in a quantum fair you changed the results by measuring it!" and "I'll never love again...of course you will, it's shareware."

The new series feels like poorly done generic toilet humour and pop culture references where they attempt to make everything into a one liner.

Here's hoping against hope that the writing gets better as the season wears on. I can still watch any of the original run Futurama episodes and laugh, as well as find something new that I'd missed before.

As it stands now that I've seen each new episode twice, I've only chuckled once at the chamber of understanding, and laughed audibly once from the "You know too much" Japanese toilet joke.

Uni gave 2 points

#104 by Kel
Best new episode yet - funny and some great lines "No, I came here to talk to you", Mr. Chunks, the eyePhone spoof. Very happy. Futurama is ramping up well on its comback.

Kel gave 5 points

#105 by A TO THE C
Good episode, some great one liners, liked the eyePhone satire, the boil bit annoyed me but not enough to ruin the episode.

A TO THE C gave 4 points

#106 by Martin
Did you note that this chapter don't follow cronologicaly the others?, because fry and leela are only friends... And i really think that the idea of the singing but boil was something stupid, but it's a good episode... (Sorry about my english)

Martin gave 3 points

#107 by LeftWanting
I was actually surprised to see so many positive reviews for this episode. To me this is a distasteful moment for Futurama. I understand that every show has its flops, and this one, however great, is no exception (The Birdbot of Icecatraz and Mars University being some of my less favored). However, even at it's worst I have always found Futurama enjoyable and there are no episodes I would not watch again.

Although not their best work, I was at relatively happy with Rebirth (loved the Professor's lines in that one) and In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela, but something about this episode just rubbed me the wrong way.

Using current events for humor has never really been Futurama's style, and taking a whole episode mocking the Iphone and Twitter was more like a second rate Family Guy episode than a Futurama plot.

Also, for a show that (despite it's insane basis) keeps relatively grounded idea, having a singing boil as Leela's embarrassing moment
seemed kinda crude, almost like they ran out of time writing.

And then there's the whole Fry-Leela thing being held in limbo after the last couple episodes.

Maybe I've just got hi expectations after a few fairly solid movies and some great episodes (The Sting, Luck of the Fryish, Jurassic Bark, The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings, etc), but it just feels to me like not as much thought went into this one.

Overall, I give it a C-,D+ range. Not the worse thing I've ever seen, but nothing I'm keen to watch again.

LeftWanting gave 2 points

#108 by Hmmmm
I've always loved Futurama and although I'm glad it's back, I think that they are making the same mistakes as in the films - the writers are suffering from under-writing the show.

In the original 72, 2 teams of writers would slave over a script drafting it over and over and nit-picking, plotting and pacing.

In the films, they had less writers, less time and therefore more throwaway gags and less time spent on focusing the script. ITWGY was the most affected, with long rambling lines by Keeler that would have been trimmed.

Now, they've got some new writers (and lost some great old ones) so now Fry/Leela's relationship suffers, we get Family-Guy jokes and stupid endings with no continuity.

Disappointed, but still hopeful.

Hmmmm gave 3 points

#109 by An Angry Fan
Don't the writers get it? We don't want to see gross humour and direct sex references! What genius thought it would be clever to have a talking boil? Oh right, Susan Boyle! Hahaha! Yeah, how lame can you get? Two headed goats that puke and cause diarrhea? Please! Don't insult our intelligence to low standards of Family Guy! We want clever humour and that's why I was a fan of the show in the first place! It better improve, otherwise I'm leaving this show for good and pretending these episodes never existed!

An Angry Fan gave 1 point

#110 by Past viewer
Very bad but maybe a bit better than the first two episodes. I'll give the new season one more try but if it's not funnier I'll stop watching it.
Btw, saw season 1 yesterday. That is really good and you realize how bad the new stuff is.

Past viewer gave 2 points

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