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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

The Duh-Vinci Code
First aired 07/15/10
Rank: 92/124
Reviews: 160
Rating: 76%

The crew races to future Rome to unearth the shocking secret of Leonardo da Vinci.

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#101 by Gustav
Best episode this season.

Gustav gave 5 points

#102 by Gumbercules
This was easily the best episode of the new run.

Things I liked:
Morbo was excellent
Hermes' comment
The whole plot in general was good
Bender was back in character
Fry is a main character again

Things I didn't:
everyone knows fry is an idiot, you dont have to remind us every 30 seconds
no one visited fry in the hospital, hes not zoidberg
leela is still a bit out of character

If the rest of the episodes are this quality I will be happy enough.

Gumbercules gave 4 points

#103 by Elbow
Morbo stole the show. The visual of Fry hammering a nail with another nail was a giggle. Thumbs up! But I'm completely biased. Or is that bias? Ahhhh.... I'm the biggest fool on the planet! MUST KILL ALL THE SMART.... um, forgot what I was going to say. Oh yeah, I loved the scene where that guy did the thing to that thing. Then the other guy said something funny ish

Elbow gave 4 points

#104 by Jaguarius
OMG thank the TV gods. So far episode 1 was pretty good, and ep 5 was AMAZING. The rest were GARBAGE. Episode 5, finally, is Futurama. Laughing at itself ironically and going on a crazy and humorous adventure - thats the Futurama I love.

Jaguarius gave 5 points

#105 by Uni
Far and away the best episode of the new run season so far. Still no laugh out loud moments. Still way too many lame one liners. Overall though there were several moments that made me smile and chuckle a bit to myself.

It's improving, so I'm hoping by episode 13 we'll be back to quality of the first run Futurama =). Cautiously optimistic.

Uni gave 3 points

#106 by Pandora
Just plain awful.

Cheap excuse for a plot.
Jokes were too damn obvious, didn't make me laugh even once.
Too much out of characterness for my liking.

We all knew Fry wasn't brilliant but now they made him retarded, just like they did with Homer Simpson.
And suddenly Leela (who claimed to love him 4 episodes before) doesn't care about him anymore? Nobody visits him at the hospital? That's just bullshit.

They only good things about this episode were Morbo and Hermes comments.

It's the first time ever I'm actually considering letting this show go. It just seems to have lost everything that made it unique.

Pandora gave 1 point

#107 by steve jobs
Best of the new season!

The show is starting to feel like futurama again.

steve jobs gave 4 points

#108 by ElDoRado1239
As some already said, Fry is just too dumb for no reason - forcible jokes on his dumbness were really putting me off. We don't need another Homer Simspon or Peter Griffin etc. Also, I don't like this "let's find somethign popular and make this episode a parody of it" thing. Funny refferences are great, always have been, but this is too much - everybody does that!

I would like to see the jokes more natural and original - Episode 4 was the best of this season, imho. Most futuramish and natural of all 5.

Professor is great though! Like if somebody would pay special care to his lines.

ElDoRado1239 gave 3 points

#109 by Mason
Best one this season, so far.

Mason gave 5 points

#110 by buh
A good episode that feels right at home with the earlier seasons. Not the show in its absolute prime (like say Luck of the Fryrish or Roswell that Ends Well) but very enjoyable.
A lot of the one-liners gave me a good chuckle though "Nibbler died in the wall" fell flat and was really pushing it. I loved the recurring 'nailing a nail'.
To the people saying this is too stupid for Fry: Did you watch the series at all before? Compared to some of the things he's done, this is Fry on a good day (except getting hit by a bus). He freaking put a turkey on his head and started pouring gravy over it.

buh gave 4 points

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