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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

I, Roommate
First aired 04/06/99
Rank: 32/124
Reviews: 233
Rating: 88%

Fry is such a slob that he is forced to move out of the Planet Express offices. Bender's apartment is too cramped for the both of them, so they look for a new place to live.

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#111 by Maniac
the first futurama episode to be a rolemodel for the rest. this is the start of a great line of episodes

Maniac gave 5 points

#112 by Bender lover
It was to cool!!

Bender lover gave 5 points

#113 by Benderfan12
!Hola! Me llamo Benderfan12...

Goddamn it, that Spanish class was a waste of money. I can't remember how to say anything except, me llamo Benderfan12 and !Hola!.
Well anywho, I don't think all you readers out there want to hear my problems (and if you did well too f***ing bad)and I'll just get on with the review.

Wow, I say that a lot, don't I. Have I ever acutally started a review without some bulls*** about myself?

I just don't know.

Now I'm gonna break away from my self-centeredness and start the review.


!Here comes el review!

I, Roomate is the third episode ever in the series now known as Futurama. ( The title that Matt Groening had started with,that I'm sure none of you are aware of, is actually "That 3000's Show", but the producers of that 70's show sued Matt Groening for all he was worth and then Matt came up Futurama, instead. Greay story, huh.)
Anyway I, Roomate deals with Phillip J. Fry's slovenly manner while living at the Planet Express Headquarters. His lifestyle has become so repulsive to the rest of his co-workers (minus Bender) that he is kicked out from living at aforementioned headquarters.
Bender offers him a place to stay at his apt. and Fry takes him up on said offer.
When it turns up that Bender lives in a closet-like structure Fry dosen't like said apt. as much and when one of Farnsworth's friends die Fry and Bender move out of there and into said other apt.
When it turns up that Benders antennae blocks the satellite T.V. reception Bender leaves and goes sober (which to a human is the equivelant of being drunk, but since robots need alcohol to stay together it is urgent that Bender be drinking beer (or any other alcoholic beverage) most of the time).
When it comes time to mke the decision to cut off his antennae and live with Fry or do the opposite Bender makes a moving descision to...well if you haven't seen the episode I won't give it away and if you have seen the episode then you already know anyway.

O.K., that wasn't really a review. That was just a re-telling of almost everything that happens in this episode.
If you were looking to read a review, well here it comes,now.

Now, with all sincerity, here comes el review...seriouly, this time.

My opinions on I, Roomate are mostly great except for one or two things which I will mention in the upcoming review.
Anyway, this episode is,for the most part, quite funny, and its charachter development and charachter situations are excellent, as are the charachter interactions.
I actually can feel Bender's emotions (even though, yes, he's a robot), his emotions are particularly strong, especially in this episode.
His and Fry's interaction is very well written and their friendship is tested in this episode quite soundly.
And did I mention it's pretty much freakin' funny.
Though most of the humor in this episode is fresh and very funny, some of it (the humor)came out sour, particularly in the sequence when Fry and the gang are out apartment shopping. In one of the apts.(after they had struck out with an underwater apt. and an apt. witha parellel time zone) Fry says something like, "...Very nice. So what's the catch". The realtor replies, "There is no catch, though technically it is in New Jersey."
In the next scene we see the gang back at P.E. Headquarters and Fry exclaims,"Not even one place remotley livable."
I found that to be very offensive on the grounds that I am a New Jersey resident and my neighborhood is very nice and very, very much livable.
And I epecially found that comment to be total bulls*** coming from Fry's mouth of all people, the person who systematically destroyed a perfectly good apt. given to him by one of Farnsworth dead friends, and then after destroying the place triumphantly declared,"It's a sty".
So of all people he should have been the last person to decline a perfectly good Garden State apartment, if he was just to turn it into a "sty" anyway.
And what is it with Futurama to alays make fun of N.J. anyway, epecially in the early episodes. People don't even give N.J. a chance. All people see is the rotten-ass, polluted Turn Pike, and they think they've viewed all of N.J.
Well I've got news for those near-sighted sons of bitches: You better open your eyes and see what N.J. really has in store. Ever heard the phrase don't judge a book by it's cover. Well, listen, don't judge N.J. by the Turn Pike.
Sure we have a couple ghettos, but doen't every state (ever been to the lower east side village of N.Y.C.). But in the core New Jersey is a state with lush, green towns and great parks and attractions, not to mention gardens (why do you think we're called the Garden State).
So come on down and give New Jersey a visit today.
You never know what's in store.


Damn,you really ranted on about about New Jersey?
You sounded like a f***ing travel agent or somethin',dawg.


Benderfan12 gave 4 points

#114 by Micky
Decent Boys Quite Decent - GO BOMBERS

Micky gave 5 points

#115 by The Realist
Number One of the first three episodes, Bender's funny on that episode

The Realist gave 4 points

#116 by benderrules
so hated it

benderrules gave 1 point

#117 by Joshua
Wasn't great but good enough for a 4 rating.

Joshua gave 4 points

#118 by dmac
I just got all the DVD's and this episode is perhaps the best Futurama episode of all time.

dmac gave 5 points

#119 by Stefan
I think almost every Episode of the first season is great. I just bought it on DVD. I'm from Europe and I always wanted to watch it in english and I really like it. Here we still have to wait a few weeks till we'll see the last episode of the whole series. So I don't know ist yet but I read about it and about one thing I read I was especially happy.
Well I, Roommate is a cool ep and I really don't regred that I bought the season one. Meanwhile I like Futurama even more than The Simpsons.

Stefan gave 5 points

#120 by Bender is No.1 DUH
This is the best episode I had ever seen !!!! If you think it sucks,"Kiss my shiny metal ass"!!

Bender is No.1 DUH gave 5 points

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