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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

The Farnsworth Parabox
First aired 06/08/03
Rank: 3/124
Reviews: 435
Rating: 93%

Curiosity leads the Planet Express cats into a parallel universe, where they and their counterparts suspect the other is the evil version.

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#111 by Jamie
Funny as hell. 2 Zoidbergs = 2 Benders = GREAT EPISODE!

Jamie gave 5 points

#112 by Robotron2084
Truly one of the best that I've seen, and I've seen them all! Reminded me of 'Time Keeps On Slipping', another of my favorites. It really uses the full sci-fi potential of Professor Farnsworth. You'd think an episode like this would only fit in as a 'what if'/anthology of interest episode, but the acrobatics of the writers are able to take us to the depths of a parallel universe and back again. Without a hitch! Amazing!

Robotron2084 gave 5 points

#113 by Venus
loved it. i loved leela and Fry's reaction to finding their doubles married, i loved Leela accepting Fry's offer at the end, and i loved hermes hesitation about ejecting them into the sun. The Sting was better, but nothing could ever beat the Sting so it would be unfair to compare that ep with this one.

Venus gave 5 points

#114 by Tara Kali Jade
I really liked this episode, it was funny and clever, peppered throughout with comedy winks and nods that make you glad to watch it again and again, like nearly all of them are. I know I'll now start telling my friends to "kiss my glorious golden ass!" Fantastic! Considering the boneheadedness of Fox, specifically, although not exclusively, I am actually considering cancelling my cable tv subscription. Every show on tv that's worth a damn just gets cancelled anyway, why should I pay to watch crap? That having been said, the DVDs of Futurama can't come on the market fast enough as far as I'm concerned, I've watched my Season 1 DVD so much my eyes only see in Groening-vision now. Watching hilarious, intelligently written, beautifully and artfully animated episodes like The Farnsworth Paradox make me happy for a full 30 minutes, and then it's back to the horrible reality that my favourite show is close to being gone for good. You American fans have it pretty sweet, since the Cartoon Network plays reruns. And British fans are lucky too, Season 3 is already about to come out there. But here in Canada, I'm afraid, Fox is my only source for anything past Season 1. Why, oh why, do I have to be tortured this way? It makes me want to give up and jump into the nearest box with the hopes of tye-dyed coloured skies and blue lobsters. If only.

Tara Kali Jade gave 4 points

#115 by Justin Time
This was not a good episode I hardly laughed, The funniest part however was when Hermes had to think over not pressing the eject button

Justin Time gave 3 points

#116 by Whatever
Great episode, a lot bettter than last weeks, but then again, everything is better!!!

Whatever gave 5 points

#117 by Tickled Pink
I loved the announcer, what with his "Meanwhile!" and "Hermes-A is taking box-A to the Sun...A!"

Best episode ever!

Hermes stole the show with that one glance. Why don't we see more of him, mon?

Tickled Pink gave 5 points

#118 by ollie
clever idea. nice to see something different, but it hardly made me laugh at all. bit disappointed. could have been much funnier.

ollie gave 3 points

#119 by The Box
Great Episode ....
But I think there where only two Universes, the right one, and the Cowboy Universe ???

The Box says 5 Points

The Box gave 5 points

#120 by Luke
A very funny episode which had some very funny moments. Bender and Bender A's "Dooooooooooooooooooooooooomed!" was really amusing, as was the two Zoidberg's plot to become King. They're really pushing the Fry and Leela angle now, huh? I thought for sure that at least one of the parallel universes would feature one of the guys wearing a goatee ala Evil Spock. And the universe without eyes was so corny it was hilarious.

Luke gave 4 points

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